1. hair care  treatment  for girlsSome girls are naturally blessed with silky and straight hair with fast growth hence they do not need to do anything extra for their beautiful hair. But we all have not such God gifted hair and that’s why we have to take extra care to keep them problem free. I have thin hair but that are silky but mostly it is seen frizz is the common problem of all girls and to tackle this issue you must try some precautionary steps so that your hair tends to move into the successful growth with shine. According to a survey most of the men like girls with naturally beautiful and long hair so girls get ready and do something to your locks that will further help you to become lovely wife or girlfriend of your men.

•    First observe your hair if it has made a routine of hair falling and all the remedies you are going to do have no successive results. It means you have inner deficiencies that first be cured.
Keep in mind as machines use fuel to run properly as your body needs food. Same is the case with hair if you do not bestow your hair with the nutritious needs then hair problems grow fast.

Healthy diet and water
If you go on applying different products and home remedies for hair but no fruitful results are there then take it serious because you cannot get healthy hair until you would have proper nutritious diet. When you are strong from inner your outer problems automatically will be solved. Healthy food and enough quantity of water have great effects on your hair and even on skin too. Drink a lot of water to keep your hair strong and silky.
2. hair care  treatment  for girls
Once you have overpowered the health issue then start to take extra care of your hair.
•    Women need to take multivitamins supplements to cover up the inner weaknesses that are why you must consult to hair specialist who can suggest you well the supplements you have to take.
Before coming towards to hair masks make a healthy routine of hair with proper health that will make your shafts strong and beautiful.
•    For example avoid washing the strands with hot water in fact wash them off with cold water that blesses you with shiny smooth hair. Hot water de-moisture your strands wasting all natural oil and gifts you with frizzy hair.
•     Always use wide toothed comb and don’t overdo with your hair, treat them softly and gently don’t worry if combing hair is taking time.
•     If you have dry hair then wash your hair twice a week but the girls who are naturally blessed with oily hair can wash three times in a week
•    Use deep conditioning after 15 day if not possible then it must do once in a month. You can do it at home or take help of the near local salon that facilitate the customers.
•    Proper trimming of hair is best to make hair tangle free and also a way of getting good hair then before.
•    If you are suffering from split ends and damaged hair have a suitable haircut and seriously take care of them.
•    Don’t use towel after rinsing off hair with water in fact a soft t-shirt can work best not having split ends.
•    Use sulfate free shampoo and the best conditioner.

Olive oil for silky smooth hair
For getting silky hair olive oil is suggested by hair nutritionist even I have experienced and still experiencing. You only need put it scalp with soft finger massage at night and let it sit for night and shampoo it next morning that may be alcohol free. You will see the magic when locks get dry.
Egg white for silky hair
Extract an egg white and apply it to scalp let it be for half an hour. If you cover your hair with a towel after applying egg white that is very helpful in shafting the locks. Rinse it off with water and let the strands dry. Egg white is a deep conditioner for hair and asked to apply it at least once in a week.
Henna oil and egg paste
Henna is extracted from the leaves and is a best conditioner to get soft smooth hair if you want to have fabulous strands then mix henna, egg and any kind of oil like olive oil, coconut, oil or any other that suits you the most. Apply this paste to hair for one hour. If you go on applying this agent at least once in a month, you hair turns strong and enough silky.
Vinegar and water
Mix vinegar and water in a half quantity of both then rinse it off to hair let it be there and wash it off. Vinegar is natural conditioner and give hair extra smooth shine this can even be replaced your conditioner that you use.