At the arrival of winter season almost every human being tries to protect their body parts from the cold of winter because winter mostly becomes a cause of freezing human body. So it is very necessary to wear warm clothes so that cold can never freeze your body. So, in winter season, people fulfill their wardrobes with coats, leggings, hats, gloves, socks, jackets, leg warmers, wrist warmer & so on.

Similarly, in this cold weather they usually try to buy those clothes which are made with thick stuff such as wool, fleece, Gabardine etc. In winter, it is very easy to protect body from the cold weather by wearing warm clothes & with lots of layers of clothes. But we have to perform lots of tasks from hand & we need to move here & there with our feet. So layering on hands & feet can become a hurdle in performing different tasks. Today, I bring very easy & effective tips on how you can keep your feet warm. Hopefully, these tips will work! Let me describe briefly!

1)    Try to wear slippers that have fur inside or made with delicate wool stuff because these fabrics actually provide warmth to the feet in a very short time.
2)    Try to keep your feet dry & similarly Keep your boots or winter footwear Dry because mostly it happens that when you get very hot feel in feet due to layering of socks then your feet starts to sweat, this sweat leads towards wetness of feet & then wetness of footwear.  We know the fact that wetness means cold. So keep feet & boots dry.

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3)    Wear thick socks try to buy wool stuff soft socks. Always go with accurate size neither very tight nor too loose. I you feel very cold then layer two or three socks.
4)    Try to wear toe warmers because when your toes are warm then you whole feet will like cozy.

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5)    Plastic bags mostly stop the air. So, you can stop the cold air from reaching to your feet by wrapping a useable plastic bag around your feet & then slip your feet in shoes.
6)    You can also use waterproof shoes in wintry season. So that you can stop the rainy water from reaching to your feet in winter.

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7)    It is a fact that exercise, movement of body & physical activities actually leads towards the heat creation in body, hear actually warm up body & you feel less cold. So, in severe cold when no tips is working then try to heat up feet by jumping, running, walking!
8)    In winter don’t forget to wash your feet with lukewarm & then moisturize by using high quality moisturizer that will soften the feet skin.
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9)    When you will wear long I mean more than ankle length pants or trousers with boots  then it will never help the snow to enter in your feet from the top of your boots because it is already covered from long pants.
10)    Try to wear crocheted slipper indoor for keeping feet warm.
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11)    When you sit on a chair & your feet are on the cold floor then cold enter into your feet & make you feel shivering so the solution is don’t put your feet directly on the floor you can use different items such a floor rug that is made with wool or fur is best or if you cannot afford a floor rug then try to keep Cardboard on the floor & then put your feet on this cardboard. Due to its hardness it will stop the floor cold from reaching to your feet.

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