The beauty of a person is in his face if his face is beautiful and clean then he is able to get the praises of all people. Mostly ladies are more conscious about their beauty they want to become a most beautiful among all her relatives, friends and her dear ones. In our surrounding there is much mud and dust  which  is affected on our faces because our all body is covered only face remain open therefore germs attack on our face .We should go out to a beautician for our weekly face treatment which is compulsory for us .If you have not much time to go to the saloon then you can make your parlor at your home. The things which are made by you at home that was much useful and pure means away from dangerous chemical .Here we are talking about  the  black heads which are present in large quantity of our noses   which is a big problem for us therefore we have an ideas to make  black heads remover at our own hands.

Some steps to make nose strips:

First of all take an egg which is very compulsory for our health it is full of nutrition and we can get  a plenty of proteins from egg and egg is every time available at home .Egg is such a thing which best for our hair, face ,body and for our food. Generally the domestic totkay much  good than the  readymade things because we use fresh thing and which nutrition ,protein ,vitamin and minerals are present in fresh items how can we  get it from the seal pack things .

In the making of nose strips first name which I want to suggest is egg only the white material of egg and yolk is not involved in this idea .Make a face pack of egg white, cucumber and aloevera and apply it on your nose and leave it for few minutes when it become dry then you should lightly remove it with Luke warm and you should feel that it has gave you a smooth and glowing look it’s not only for nose rather you can apply it on your whole face. Not apply this mask for long time rather you should leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Take a egg white with gelatin then beat it correctly and keep in microwave oven for few seconds and check it on your hands and when you feel it is cold then  dip a tissue paper in to the egg and apply it  on your nose  and leave it for 20 minutes and when you  will remove that tissue then peel off the mask and wash your face with a good face wash  .You can see the all impurities are vanished  and you feel fresh and glowing .This is very simple and easy way to finish dark heads  from our noses .

So guys who have dark heads they should not be worried try this formula which is very easy and home maid .I hope you will like my post.

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