Easy Ways of Tackling with Common Nail Problems:

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Almost every lady & girl wants to get a beautiful personality. In this regard beautiful face, hands & feet have great importance. Mostly women pay attention towards their facial beauty but in this effort they mostly neglect their hands & feet. So, it’s the right time to divert your attention towards your hand & feet. If we talk about hands then it is right to say that beautiful, long, well trimmed, white & strong fingernails always enchases the beauty of hands. So, today, my article is all about how you can get long, strong & beautiful nails. If you have some problems with your nails such as your nails are not growing faster or may broke down easily then I hope that the tips which I am going to share with you will surely helps you a lot. If you are facing some severe kind of nail problem then you can consult from doctor.

Now let have a look some easy & effective ways that will play a vital role in order to make your nails gorgeous!

1)    Try to keep your nails dry and clean. For cleaning of nails you can use an exclusive nail brush that will helps in order to remove dirt, dead skin cells etc.

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2)    After cleansing of nails try to apply moisturizer on hands & nails. You should focus your nails whenever you apply moisturize lotion on hands.
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3)    An easy home remedy for beautiful nails is the usage of for lemon juice. Add some drops of lemon on your nails. After 10 to 15 min, you can rinse it well & then apply cuticle oil or moisturizer.

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4)    Don’t try to pull of your hangnails or cuticles because this act can lead towards severe pain & injuries. Furthermore, when you will pull of the hangnails then it will allow dirt to enter into your nails & cause any problems.
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5)    Don’t bite your nails. It is a bad habit & makes your nails to look bad.
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6)    Try to limit the use of nail colors or polishes because too much use can make your nails very gauche.
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7)    For making your nails white you can go with a mixture of lemon juice & lukewarm water. Soak your nails in it & then after 10 to 15 min rinse well with water. It is an effective nail whitening tip.
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8)    Try to use gloves when using very harsh, unkind & harmful chemicals. When, you are working in kitchen such as cutting of green chilies or washing of pots then use gloves so that you can lock the beauty of your nails.
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9)    Trimming your nails regularly & evenly will help you to grow your nails at a faster rate. Too much long nails looks very bad. So, grow your nails but less. When your nails become too much long then trim these & give a striking shape.
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10)    Try to make a mixture by using egg yolk, milk & honey for strong nails. Soak your nails in this mixture for about 20 min & then wash with water. The Proteins in eggs and calcium in milk will helps to make your nails strong.

Egg Yolk

11)     You can simply soak your nail is milk for about 15 min for getting strong nails.

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12)    For making your brittle nail soft you need to soak your nails into vinegar for about 10 min. then wash with water & moisturize.
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13)    For removing nail polish don’t use 100% nail remover because it will make your nails dry.
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14)    Orange contains on folic acid that is helpful in nail growth. So, soak your nail in orange juice or about 10 to 15 min, then wash with water & see the magical results. For better result act upon this tip regularly.
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15)    Now days, nail hardeners are available into the market that helps in order to make your nails strong. So, you can use this product.
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