Easy ways to take dead Skin off from Feet:

Are you very much worried from your cracked heels or feet? If yes then don’t think so much about it because on this page my all discussion is about how you can deal with your cracked feet or how you can remove dead skin from your feet. All ways a very easy & you can do at home. This problem is common to almost every age of men & women.  This problem usually arises due to inappropriate care of the feet. First of all let me tell about how this problem arise I mean cause of this problem & then we will discuss symptoms of this feet problem & then I will tell easy & best tips on how you get rid from this problem.

Causes of Dry Cracked Feet:

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First of the skin of your feet goes on to crack due to lack of dampness, it is said that feet are the very important parts of our body we use our feet for walking, running, sitting, standing & lots of other purposes when we never take care our feet then they become cracked & dry. Usage of harsh soaps is also one of the most common causes behind this problem. We always used very expensive beauty soaps for our face but never pay attention on our feet. This neglectness can leads towards the dry feet.  Drinking less water I mean dehydration is also a very important reason behind dry & cracked feet. This problem usually arises in winter season because in winter the season is usually very cold & in these chilly days’ people avoiding bathing or washing feet. When you wear wrong style, design, kind & size of footwear then it can also become another cause of this problem. Sometimes, different kinds of diseases cam also leads towards the dry feet such as diabetes.

Dry Cracked Feet Symptoms:

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Your feet look red from bottom part sometimes from sides or top also. Cracks can occur especially around the heel & you usually feel pains in these cracks during walking. If cracks are very deep & reach at sever condition then bleeding can also start from these cracks. Crumbling patches can appear on feet. Inflammation & itchiness are some other severe symptoms of this problem.

Best Ways to Take Dead Skin Off from Feet:

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Look into the above picture in which you can see feet with dead skin & feet with soft skin. if you want to remove dead skin from your feet or you want to fill cracks from you feet’s heel then read the following points carefully.

Moisturize Dry Feet at Home:

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A very easy tip for removing dead skin or filling cracks is the regular use of qualitative moisturizer. You can apply it at your feet at night & then wash your feet in the morning. After regular use you can feel a great difference.

Warm Water with Liquid Soap Tip:

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Another very easy way to get rid from this problem is the usage of lukewarm water. Take a reasonable quantity of warm water into a tub (in which you can dip you both feet. Now add some liquid soap in it. Use a liquid soap which moisturizes your skin instead of drying. You can soak your feet in this tub for about half an hour. You can also gently rub your feet, so that you can take dead skin off from feet. Rub from the heel & inside the toes. Wash your feet & dry with a towel but gently. Now you can apply some lotion on your feet.

Homemade Remedy for Removing Dead Skin:

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Take almost three to four medium size lemons. Now mix the juice of these lemons into warm water into a tub. Soak your feet into this water. Lemon juice basically contains on acidic elements which helps in removing dead skin.

Use of Pumice Stone:

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Pumice Stone is used from the past times, in order to taking care feet. People use it after tough kind of working so that they can remove all kinds of harmful elements from their feet. You can simply soak your feet into lukewarm water & then you can use the pumice stone for removing dead skin.

Feet Scrubs:

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You can use various scrubs for removing dead skin. Some are easily available into the market. If you want to prepare it at home then an interesting tip is the usage of lemon juice, rose water, salt & glycerin (take all items in equal quantity & mix with each other). Now apply this mixture on the top & bottom your feet. You can also mix all these elements into lukewarm water for soaking your feet in this water. You can use pumice stone but gently from removing dead skin after soaking feet. Then wash your feet. Repeat this almost twice in a week & after some weeks you will notice that feet are becoming soft & cracks are healing.

I hope that you will like these tips. All are easy & really works for making your feet soft & beautiful.

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