Remove Make-up with Baby Oil:

Ladies are very much conscious about their beauty especially about their face & want to make it fair, beautiful & charming that’s why different questions always circulate into their minds. One of these is; Is baby oil best to remove makeup? They want to know whether it is effective for skin or not if used for removing makeup. Well, out of 100 percent almost 70 percent ladies & girls are in the favor of baby oil as make-up remover because for them it works great for removing eye shadows, waterproof eyeliner & mascara.

While the remaining 30 percent never satisfy from it & thinks that regular makeup remover is best. So if you also want to use Baby oil as makeup remover then you need to taka baby oil on a cotton pad or cotton ball & then use it for removing makeup. This oil is usually oily & greasy. So you may feel greasy so use another simple cotton ball for removing excess oil. It removes eye makeup very softly. It makes eyelids soft. You never feel any kind of burn on eyes when using baby oil as remover. It is affordable & economical as compared from the expensive makeup removers.

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