Magnificence of eye lashes:

Eyes are reflection of soul and heart so it must be elegant and impressive I its expression. Eyes are most powerful feature of face which can grab the attention of other within few seconds. To enhance the beauty of eyes we apply different kinds of makeup as eye shades, eye liner, mascara and eye pencil etc. mascara is one of most essential makeup accessory which is awesome to enhance the beauty eye. But it is not an easy job to apply.

Practical practice is essential for the application of mascara specially to lower lash. Lower lash is more demanding and we become more conscious and attentive whole we apply mascara at lower lash. Here we are sharing some easy steps which are fabulously expressing the ideas of mascara application. From these ideas which are shared with clear pictures you can attain the art of mascara application properly. Let’s talk about these awesome pictures.

Easy steps to apply mascara:

1 applying mascara

All steps of apply mascara at lashers are presented in this idea. First of all curl your lashes and then apply mascara at upper lash. Blink your lashes for few seconds, Then open your whole ye and make them broad. Carefully apply mascara at lower clashes gradually. Don’t be in harry in application at lower with leveled consistency apply the mascara a lower lash gradually.

Mascara application at lower lash:

2 mascara

Mascara application at small eyes is more challenging and demanding. For those ladies who have small eyes here we are sharing 6 easy steps which will help you in application mascara at lashes. Slight bind mascara brush is used to make the mascara application easy. For lower lash, start from the end and gradually make it finish at the start of lower lash. From this way you will carefully apply mascara at your lashes.

Mascara application tip or beginners:

3 eye mascara for girls

An impressive tip to apply mascara is shared in this picture. By using the tips of mascara brush you can gradually cover the entire lower lash with mascara. This idea is also careful and you will enjoy the elegance of dramatic eyes without any making any blunder.

Three steps o apply mascara at lower lash:

4 black mascara applying 4 mascara for eyes

In this picture an excellent and enormously easy idea to apply mascara at lower lash is shared. This fabulous idea is consists upon three steps. First curl our lashes with curler device and apply mascara at upper lash. After applying it properly come to the lower lash. Apply mascara at lower lash by make your eyes broad.  Through soft touches of brush cover the lower lash attentively.

Superb ideas to apply mascara at lower lashes:

Some more ideas for apply mascara at lower lashes are offered un below share galley. If you want to attain more understanding of the mascara application at lower lashes, have an keen view of shared gallery and make your concept clear about the application mascara at lower lashes. Enjoy the elegance of gallery.