Ramadan & Fasting Advantages:

0 Fasting in Ramadan Health Benefits

Ramadan is actually a holy month in which all Muslims men & women stop to eat & drink from the dawn to sunset. Within this time period they are not allowed to eat anything & drinking any beverage. Ramadan actually promotes the qualities of sacrifice, generousness, faithfulness, self-training, family bonding (when all family members sit with each other during iftar), charity, good manners, self control, inner satisfaction etc. After this month, mostly people like to follow these habits during the whole year. As Ramadan has lots of spiritual benefits similarly it has lots of health benefit also. Science has also proven with lots of researches that Ramadan (the holy Islamic moths) has lots of health advantages. Sometimes, it is seen that some [people are seriously ill & they have not the ability to fast so in this case God allows them not to fast so that they can save themselves from any serious kind of medical condition. Let’s read some important points which very clearly illustrate that benefit of Ramadan on our health.

1)    When you fast in Ramadan then it save your heart from different diseases such as from cardiovascular by lowering the cholesterol levels. In Ramadan Muslims long prayers such as “tawarih” acts as exercise.
2)    Fasting actually helps in order to rests your Digestive System because your stop eating & drinking from dawn to sunset. The liver also rests. To achieve right health benefit you need to eat less when you break your fast.
3)    It helps you to reduce addiction habits. Islam teaches Muslims to stay away from all types of alcohol based items & even from cigarette in Ramadan. It improves the health of chain smoker because when he/she fasts then he/she stops herself/himself from smoking. The people who drink coffee lots of time in a day can also overcome their habit by fasting in Ramadan. It helps you to control your bad habits. Consequently, it makes you healthy.
4)    Fasting also helpful in order to promote the Healthy diet routine. In Ramadan you usually prefer home cooked food, fresh fruits & other healthy food items over spicy or fried ones. As a result, Lots of health benefits are obtained.
5)     In Ramadan, when you fast then you eat less amounts of food & thus you lose your weight.
6)    Another health advantage of the fasting in Ramadan is that it helps in lowering the blood sugar especially for those who have high blood sugar -but no diabetes. The patient of diabetes should fast according to instruction of doctor.
7)    Fasting helps in boosting the immunity system.

There are lots of benefits of fasting in Ramadan. Some more are given into the pictures which are shown below.