Water is the most important substance and no one can live or survive without water. According to the experts, everyone needs 7-8 glasses of water in winters and we are recommended to increase this amount in summers.

Most people prefer consuming cold or normal water but here we will tell you that hot or warm water is so beneficial for health. Researchers have proved that drinking hot water has some exclusive and amazing benefits for your health. Keep scrolling to know the surprising benefits of hot water.

Detoxify your body with warm water:

Start your day by internal cleansing through drinking or sipping warm water. Fat deposits in the body and other toxins have accumulated overnight are shunned away from the system. Warm water helps you get relief from health issues, detoxifies he body, loses weight and brings down the cholesterol level.

Prevent premature aging:

Make a habit of drinking one glass of hot water daily. Drinking warm water also helps prevent premature aging; it flushes out the toxins from the body. Hot water repairs the skin cells which heighten the elasticity of your skin that are damaged by dangerous free radicals. As a result our skin becomes toned, wrinkles free and smoother as well.

Benefits of warm water for hair:

Proper intake of water is crucial for hair too and to get strong, healthy and shiny hair we should use warm water to drink. It promotes hair growth, keeps your scalp hydrated and helps fight against dry scalp or dandruff.

Help in weight loss:

Warm water is an excellent solution for weight loss especially when taken with lemon and honey. This is because warm water increases the temperature of the body and metabolism rate also. It helps the body o absorb nutrients and flushes out the waste so try to consume at least two glasses of hot water with lemon juice twice a day, early in the morning at empty stomach and at night.