Day-by-Day Increasing Health Risks by Fast Food:

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Different Scientific research on fast food shows that it is actually causing lots of serious kinds of health problems into the people & kids who too much fast foods. The answer of the question that is made into the title of this article is simple “yes”. Yes, it is harmful. Here, I am going to throw light on this issue with detail.

What is Junk Food?

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First of all, let me define what is junk food or fast food. The most commonly used food such as burger, French fries, pizzas, cold drinks, Frankies, rolls, chaat, samosas, etc all these food items are called junk food. These are also famous by the name of fast food because these are easily available everywhere & in every part of the world. It is ready to eat food. The word junk means “useless or of little value”. It means this food serves just useless or of little value for your body that’s why it creating lost of health problems & risks.

Junk Food Impact on Business, Food Industry & Consumers:

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Junk food is becoming very much popular because this food industry has overcome on the natural food industry. The lots of advertisements & ads of fast food (available on low rates) on TV, Radio & other media are actually promoting it a lot. Fast food restaurant & shops has now become a big business for people. It is a very mean of earning money. The revenues of junk food restaurant owners are increasing day by day. This sector is generating employment opportunities for millions of people. But, the worst point is that this food is unhealthy that’s why fast food consumers are diagnosed multiple diseases.

Disadvantages of Junk Food:

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Fast food has lots of health risks some are listed here.

1)    Fast food actually lacks too many vitamins, proteins, iron, zinc etc that’s why it cannot fulfill the requirement of a body & can cause weakness, tiredness & fatigue.
2)    It is bad for blood circulatory system.
3)    Too much eating of junk food can cause diabetes.
4)    Junk food is loaded with fats & oil so it can cause heart disease if used continuously & regularly.
5)    Junk food are too much oily & spicy that’s why these oily food leads towards digestive problem such as constipation, gastro esophageal reflux disease & IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).
6)    When your digestive system affect due to eating of junk food then it leads towards fats production & obesity. In America, lots of survey shows that the people who eat junk food too much usually face obesity problem.

How You can Stop Yourself from Eating Fast or Junk Food?

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Now, the people who have addict of fast food, it’s the right time to stop yourself from eating this food so that you can improve your health, digestive system, reduce fatness & overcome on other health problems. You have to need strong will power & determination for this purpose.

1)    Whenever you are tempted to eat junk food then before eating it think for a whole about the disadvantage that can cause because of fast food. This little thinking can stop you to eat or you eat it but less.
2)    Try to think about the reward or benefits that you can get by stop eating junk food such as you can lose your weight, you can become smart, you can improve your digestive system, you can avoid the heart diseases chances etc. These future rewards will tempt you not to eat fast food in the present.
3)    Replace unhealthy food with healthy food.
4)    Don’t think that you can never ever eat junk food just think I can eat it (average) but later not now.
5)    Try to keep all healthy food easy to access so that whenever you feel appetite then you can eat healthy food items.
6)    A rule of thumb is don’t shop with empty stomach because it urge you by ready to cook junk food items so just buy food items with full stomach.

Hopefully, this article will help you a lot in order to improve your health & to avoid oily & junk food items.