Importance of eyes

Eyes are one of the most important human body parts and vision of the greatest gift. But often people do not proper care of these precious organs. You can see the sights and bright of the world through your eyes. Eyes are the main attractive human organ on your face so we should protect & care our eyes. Here, we are going to present eight natural tips for keeping your eyes fresh, beautiful and bright.

Use sun glasses for eyes

1 Natural Eye Care Tips In Summer

Sunny days are very harsh and heat for our eyes. We must use sun glasses in summer days such as you use sunscreen for protection of skin from UV rays. You should use a good pair of sunglasses which of glasses permanently obstruct UV rays for damaging your eyes.

Natural tips for burning eyes

2 Natural Eye Care Tips In Summer (1)

Mostly people complain of scratchy, itchy and burning eyes in summer days. Here we talk our companions some immediately tips for relief eyes.
(1)    Take a soft and clean cloth and deep it in cold water then apply this wet cloth on your eyelids.
(2)    Spray rose water of two pieces of cottons and keep these on eyelids.
(3)    A use of aloe vera is best treatment for burning eyes. Apply the juice of aloe vera on a clean cloth and then dap it your eyelids.

Cucumber for eyes in sunny days

3 Natural Eye Care Tips In Summer (3)

You have been see many times in salons that women cover your face with thick layer of facial and keep slices of cucumber on eyelids. Cucumber has an anti-inflammatory effect which used for reduce puffiness, itchy and irritation.

Eye drops

4 Natural Eye Care Tips In Summer (4)

You should never use any eye drop without any doctor instruction. It can cause your damage eyes. If you have any eye problem, you should check eye specialist immediately.

Natural ways to reduce eye wrinkles

5 Natural Eye Care Tips In Summer (6)

When we don’t proper care of our eyes and do more eye work. Then we lose our eyes’ beauty and complain under eye wrinkles. Here we introduce you few natural ways to reduce under eye wrinkles.
(1)    Take some avocados and mash these then apply it smoothly under eyes.
(2)    Take two slices of cucumber and keep these on your eyelids.
(3)    Fresh orange juice is a best way to reduce under eye wrinkles. Dip cotton in orange juice and dab on eye wrinkles in the morning and evening daily.

 exercise for eyes

6 Natural Eye Care Tips In Summer (7)

Like that we take exercise daily for freshness and body health such as we should take exercise for freshness and vision of eyes. We should close our eyes smoothly, keep finger on our eyelids and round it quietly.

Benefits of rose water for eyes

7Care Tips In Summer (9)

Rose water is best product for your skin and eyes and this is mostly used in beauty products. If you eyes are burning, swelling, itchy and irritating then rose water is an ideal treatment for your eyes. I f your eyes are tired due to hard eyes work then you should put 3 or 4 drop in both eyes and closed for 5 to 10 minutes.