Add Younger Look in Eye with Make-up:

eye makeup for younger look

You eyes look lifeless, there is no sparkle in your eyes or due to increasing age your eyes are losing their younger feel. So, what to do? Well, here are some easy make up tips that can make your eyes to look younger only in some minutes. Yes, dear if during eyes make up you will follow these tips then of course you will forget to blink your eyes because there will exists a great difference between pre makeup eyes & post makeup eyes. Make up is an art & you need to learn this art by practicing again & again. The important points that are described below actually needs practice & repetition so that you can get flawless eyes with makeup. So, read the following points & best of luck to you from my side!

•    If there are dark circles under your eyes then of course you eyes will never give a younger & full of life feel to the other person. So, what you should do? When you are trying to do eye makeup then it is suggested to apply concealer under eyes where dark circles/sun spots exists. Apply concealer in the form of dots & now try to blend it with your skin. Don’t apply concealer on your whole face because it can make your face to look like a cake. Only use on the areas where spots, blemishes or other darken skin appears.
•    If there are wrinkles under your eyes then of course these also looks very bad & are enough to ruin the beauty impact of your eyes. So, after applying concealer now you should avoid the use of face powder because it can add more wrinkles on skin. Instead of face powder I think a liquid foundation that matches with your skin tone is best. You can apply this foundation not only on wrinkled area of eyes but also on the whole face for getting a glowing skin tone.
•    Eyeshade always adds life in your lifeless eyes. The key to get best eyeshades on the eyelids is that the blending of eye shadows. Whatever color of eye shadow you are going to use but the important point is to blend it very well. Your eye shadow never gives the impact of being patchy or spotty. Your eye shadow should not look like paint. So, blend it well with skin.
•    When you apply eye shadow then it is best to you to use an eye shadow base because the eye shadow base always leads towards long lasting eye makeup & it also stops the creasing.
•    The ladies who have fair skin tone they can choose any eye shadow but the real problem is for those who have dark skin tone. I think dark skin tone ladies should go with Taupe eye shadows.
•    Liner is another beauty product that is used on the eyes. Now day’s liner can be applied by following different shapes. Mostly the cat eye liner can go best on almost every shape of eye. This shape looks quite bold & it can add a younger feel on your face but always wear less liner. Smudging is another technique that can enhance the boldness of your eyes. In smudging, liner is not applied is straight line form but it is scattered in a messy style & adds a Smokey feel on eyelids. So, if you like this one then you can try it.
•    Enhance the younger look of your eyes by adding curls into your eyelashes by using a lash curler.
•    Then apply mascara because it will add volume into your lashes. Double coat of mascara is suggested.
•    Eyebrows play a vital role in order to make your eyes to look beautiful. Eyebrows are like frame, as a frame makes a picture perfect similarly well plucked eyebrows also adds a younger & fresh look into your eyes. So, plucking of eye brows should always be done carefully by keeping the face shape into the mind. During make up it is suggested that you should use an eye brow pencil, that well match with your eyebrow hair color. Don’t overuse the pencil. Use this eyebrow pencil just for adding a natural tint. Fuller & thicker eyebrows always play a vital role in order to reduce your age.
•    If there are lots of wrinkles around your eyes then by focusing on eyelashes you can reduce the impact of wrinkles. Try to use mascara & lashes curler for adding length & volume into the lashes. If you like then you can also try artificial eyelashes. Believe me it will surely work!
•    In the last for a radiant or younger look, don’t forget to apply a glowing shade blush on & lipstick.