Oily Skin Care Tips for Men:

Face is the most sensitive part of human body & it is also the center of attention for others. In this case you should pay special attention towards face & skin. Each person has different type of skin some have oily, some have dry while some have normal. The symbols of oily skin are over shine on face, blackheads or whiteheads, acne breakouts etc. So, if these symbols appear on skin then you have oily skin type. Today, I will focus on how men can care oily skin type. Let’s starts & I am sure that these tips will help you a lot!

1)    The people who have dry skin for them moisturizing is best option but there are still lots of people who have oily skin but they also use moisturizer. The problem is not with using moisturizing because it is best for every skin type but the problem is about what type of moisturizer you choose for your skin. Whether this moisturizer go best with your skin or not? In case of oily skin you always choose best moisturize that is made only for oily skin. Wash face two times in a day morning-night (with good oil control face wash) & then moisturize it.

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2)    Men can use special mattifier; it is a product that is used to erase the shine or oil from skin & give a matte finish to face.

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3)    If you are taking Steroids for making your muscles to look bigger, then the use of these steroids are also erect bigger oil glands in skin & make your skin oilier. So, don’t use shortcut for bigger muscles. Do exercise & get bigger mules naturally.

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4)    Drink lots of water almost 8 glasses in a day & apply lots of sunscreen on body when go outside in sun.

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5)    Always be gentle with your skin.

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6)    When it comes to home remedies for oily skin then you have lots of tips. Some are here. take fresh papaya pulp apply it on face for about 15 minute, wash away & get soft skin. It helps to remove excessive oil. Take tomato pulp use just like papaya for getting glowing oil free skin. These both ingredients help to control oil production.

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7)    Avoid spicy food because spicy food actually makes active oil production glands.

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8)    Use cucumber juice, lemon & rose water mixture for getting amazing results.

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