Every Woman wants a glowing & healthy skin. For this purpose they try their best. But still they make some worst mistakes in the selection of food. Then this bad food can play a crucial role in order to harm their skin. That’s why, this time I decided to discuss those food items that can harm your skin or cause acne or pimples on your skin plus diminish the glow of your skin. So, now it’s your duty to read this article carefully & act upon these advises. I am sure that you feel a great change.

1)    Too Much Sugar Containing Food Items:   Sugar has a close relation with blood. So, when you eat those food items that contain too much sugar then it can harm your skin very badly because skin & blood are also related with each other. For example some women who like ice cream, chocolates, candies, sweets, cup cakes, sweet biscuits & so on. I warn these women or girls to stay away from these food items because too much usage of these can harm your skin. The process when sugar acts in your body & then skin is called Glycation. When you eat sugary food items then this sugar acts with blood & caused chronic inflammation. Digested sweet food or sugar basically attaches with collagen in your skin. Then acne, rosacea & pimples like skin disease occur. So, stay away from these items. But if like it very much then you can take it once in a week.  Try to eat, anti-inflammatory food items.
2)    Too much OILY Food Items: Oily food items can also harm your skin. In this age of technology, many non stick pots are invented, so you can use these pots for frying fish, chicken or other oily products. Oil containing food items can create pimple on your skin & it also leads towards the problem of too much oily skin. A good method for improving your skin is to eat various food items in a good & organized manner.
3)    Soda & Cola Drinks: Another worst food mistake is the usage of soda & cola drinks after eating healthy food. Too much usage of these drinks can convert your healthy eating into unhealthy eating. Then it ultimately affects your body & your skin. So, you should be careful.
4)    Usage of Starchy & High Glycemic Food Items can Harm Your Skin: When you eat bread, corn flakes, pizza, pasta, potato cooked/mashed, Spaghetti and white rice then you think about what’s happening to your skin. It is said about these food items that these break down your collagen & then cause wrinkles & un-glowing skin. So, I suggest you to eat low-glycemic and rich in antioxidants. The breakage of the elastin due to the production of enzymes (that produce due to the usage of starchy & high glycemic food items).
5)    Beverages make your Skin Exacerbate: Various liquid drinks contain lots of sugar & create acne problem. Various coloring chemicals are used in these beverages & can cause serious skin problems. So, be careful.
6)    Eating too Much Fast Food: When you eat too much fast food then it not only leads towards the obesity problem but it also harms your skin. You can eat it but in less quantity.

I only say that you should select each & every food for you but with a caution. If you eat food in an organized manner then you will save your skin from acne, wrinkles, pimples & oil. Hope that after reading this article you can stop your worst selection of food.

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