Discoloration of skin under eyes is generally referred to dark eye circles that are a big problem even it makes you looks older than your actual age. Sometimes it is due to the heredity, improper diet, crying and stress. There is thin layer of skin under eyes that’s why it accepts the bad effects of sun, dirt and other things speedily. Both men and women have this problem that can be cured by following some natural remedies very effective and have fast result. Before applying any natural method you should consider over your diet schedule that has great effect over your skin problems. Take a healthy diet mostly contain with vitamin e, c and k.

•    Drink a lot of water to hydrate your skin and for the circulation of blood in vessels. The more you drink water the more you will release of your skin problems.
•    Massage almond oil by the tip of fingers gently at night and stay overnight. Rinse it off in the morning. Try this daily about 1-2 weeks you will see how speedily your dark rings will be banished.

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•    The most common and beneficial way is to cut the cucumber pieces and place it on to the eyes circles for 10-15 minutes. It’s a natural way to get rid of eye discoloration.

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•    Potato has b leaching properties and best for skin. You can put raw tomatoes soak in the cotton bags or the cool pieces placed in freezer for 15 minutes in some days the dark shadows will disappear.
•    An easy way to eliminate the dark circles is to put cool spoon on eyes circles till the spoon may get warm again. Try two times a day.

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•    Rose water is best toner for skin mainly it is asked to sprinkle on face to have cool and fresh effects. For dark shadows soak cotton ball into cotton balls and place it over eyes circle.
•    Tea bags is also used to cure dark rings over eyes but aware of the tea water not enter into the eyes. Take teabags and set it on the eyes for 15 minutes.

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