Skin is the most sensitive part of our body. We need to be conscious about its protection; not only women but also men must take care about it. Ashy skin look too clumsy and it can lessen your self-confidence. Before it that your skin may lose its glow and become ashy in this winter be aware of the ways through which you can save yourself from this. First of all you need to know about this problem. Mostly people face this problem in winter due to dry season. And the lack of moist causes dry skin problems. So if you keep your skin moisturized then you can deal with the problem of ashy skin.

Parts of body where it attacks and its symbols;


Dry skin is termed as ‘Xeroderma’ and it mostly occurs on scalp, arms, lower legs, hands, thighs and at the sides of the abdomen. When it happens the most visible symbols from which you can analyze it are itching, skin cracking and peeling of the outer layer of the skin.

The ways to ignore Xeroderma;


By following the given methods you can save from being attacked by Xeroderma in winter season;
•    To alleviate Xeroderma or ashy skin applies lotions or emollients to the effected parts regularly.

•    In winter do not take long shower for hot water smudge your skin of producing oil that it naturally produces.

•    After taking bath, use alcohol-free moisturizer to smooth your skin. Even make it a habit in winter to use moisturizer and select a branded moisturizer for your skin.

•    After bath rubbing too much with towel can cause dark spot on your skin where a layer of dead skin is formed so just need to pat the towel without rubbing it.

•    Do not let your body become dehydrated but hydrate it with drinking maximum water. In winter we take tea and coffee for a large amount. That makes your thirst less and indeed you spent all the day without taking a single glass of water which is harmful.

•    In this winter take short bath with lukewarm water, pat your body with towel and then apply a moisturizer. Although you feel very much relaxed under the shower as the outer atmosphere is too cold but staying for a long time under water brings destructive result for your skin.

•    As in summer you exfoliate your skin, try to continue this habit in winter too. Because exfoliation will help your moisturizer to absorb and let your skin glow.

The ways to cure ashy skin;


If Xeroderma happens to any part of your body, you can get rid of it through these ways;

1.    Wash that part of the skin with warm water and then apply mild hypoallergenic cleanser and massage it with finger tips. Then with the help of a wet cloth that was submerged in water remove the cleanser.

2.    On wet skin part that is effected you can exfoliate scrub and ten pat it in circular motion for 60 seconds.

3.    You can consult to a dermatologist if you think the matter serious. But do not overlook this problem at any cost.

4.    Coconut oil in this regard proves very helpful so apply this oil twice a week

5.    You should switch to body/face wash from using soap because soap can make your skin dry.

6.    Flaxseed oil full with omega3 is helpful in keeping your body hydrate. This is available in capsules and in pure form.


By following these remedies you can keep your skin smooth in winter season. Don’t focus only on face and hands but the other parts of body also need the same attention.