Dear ladies are you worried about your dark circles under your eyes? If yes then I only that now you don’t be afraid more because the easy solution is now here because on this page I am going to share some very easy & do-it-yourself tips with you. I sturdily hope that that tips or easy home remedies will prove very beneficial. So now get rid from your dark circles as soon as it is possible by reading the tips & then by practicing on one of these!

1)    Mix 1 teaspoon of tomato juice, half teaspoon of lemon juice, a pinch of Turmeric powder & a pinch of farina flour in a bowl. Now apply this paste on the dark circles under your eyes. Wash it after 10 minutes.  It is one of the best home remedies in order to remove dark circles.
2)    Take a potato. Now mash it. Take a piece of cotton stuff & keep all the mashed potato in this fabric. Wrap it, close your eyes & keep it on your eyes. 15 min are enough for this procedure. You can do it daily or after two days. After some days you feel a great change.
3)    Mix Lemon & Tomato juice in equal quantity. Use it on dark circle part twice in a day. It will help in order to remove your dark circles.
4)    Don’t waste Tea Bags after usage because these tea bags are the beneficial for removing dark circles. You can keep these bags on your eyes from 10 to 15 min. It makes your eyes fresh & reduces your dark circles.
5)    Rose water is also very beneficial in this regard. Dip two small sizes of cotton bags into rose water & now keep thee on effect area under the eyes. This will prove very advantageous.
6)    Cut cucumber in round shape. Now close your eyes & kept these slices on the dark circles.
7)    Another effect way to get rid from the dark circles is to use almond oil under eyes. Apply it daily at night time & wash it at morning time. After some days feel the great difference.
8)    Interesting tip is, take a steel spoon, and keep it into refrigerator from 10 to 12 min when it frozen out then keeps it on your dark circles until it becomes warm. This interesting home remedy will solve your dark circle problem.
9)    Dip 5 to 6 almonds at night time. At morning time, make a paste of these almonds. Add a little quantity of lime juice in it. The paste is ready now. You can apply it weekly. After some week you feel a positive change.
10)    Crush mint leaves paste when applied on the dark circles then it also helps in reducing these.

Some other points that you must keep into your mind are take your full sleep I mean from 7 to 8 hours because lack of sleep is the biggest cause of dark circles.  Avoid drinking & smoking because it can create dark circles under your eyes. Eat healthy food, fresh fruits & vegetables because it helps in reducing your weakness as a result you dark circles also. Reduce tension & feel relax. If you have some allergic problem then you should try to treat it by consulting from a good doctor. Any cosmetic for removing dark circles should be used after a doctor prescription. Before using any product check its sensitivity, if it irritates your skin or causes rashes then don’t try to use it any more. Hope this article prove very beneficial for solving your dark circle problem.

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