Eyes makeup are very important that defining the elegant beauty of a woman. Whether you are going for party, wedding or get –to-gather without eye make-up you look incomplete and will fail to attract the attention of crowd. There are many eye-makeups in which some looks classy and attractive while others have less attractive.

Smokey eye- make-up is one that kind of make-up that works a lot for giving the exceptional beauty and charming look to women. Every girl even whether those are Muslim or Non-Muslim looks phenomenal in Smokey eye makeup. Smokey eye-makeup instinct the beautiful eyes of women. You can select different colors for Smokey eyes matching with your dress like golden, grey, purple, pink and many others.

Muslim girls look outstanding in Smokey eye make-up. Here we have some pictures of Smokey eyes make up that will definitely inspire you. See this grey and black Smokey eye-makeup is looking amazing. Golden Smokey eye-make up has exceptional view for Muslim girls. Shimmer pinkish Smokey eyes also has outstanding look.
Hope you will like it!

1 Muslim smokey eye make up

2 new stylish smokey eye make

3 black stylish smokey eyes

4 black grey smokey eyes make up