0. How To Remove Stretch Marks Naturally

Stretch marks are the darker or lighter off-hued lines over the skin that appears due to certain changes in the inner layer of skin. Basically our skin is made of three layers that are;
•    Epidermis
•    Dermis
•    Hypodermis

When the expansion and contraction occurs, the skin connective tissues are stretched and due to this stretching marks become visible to skin. The stretch marks appearance is different upon different skin types, at start the marks are in pinkish tone but with the passage of time the stretch marks gets clearer with silver or even the dark brown color. The most common parts of body upon which these marks arises are abdomen, thighs, breast, hips, buttocks and knee also. At the end of pregnancy, women becomes victim of these stretch marks badly and sometimes in brutal condition, puberty, hormone changes, genetically inherited, use of medicines, loss or gain in weight and many of other are the main causes of having these on body.

If these stretch marks are not medicated properly, they become more and more visible on the surface of epidermis and sometimes it is tough to cure them in short period of time. Due to the bad looks of body everyone feels unsatisfied and wish to fade them away perfectly. Using the medicines for stretch marks is not proper treatment because it is not safe but the natural remedies are your warrior to end those bad streaks. Patience is the key to find good results because natural remedies take time to give positive changes in cure of marks. So, consider the natural ways to fix this problem and let’s see what these are.

Lemon peel and milk powder paste:

1+ How To Remove Stretch Marks Naturally

Well this is optional if you want to have lemon peel powder or the crushed peels to mix in the milk powder, this paste is very effective because the lemon has citric power to fade away the scars on any part of skin. Apply this paste on stretch marks for about 15-20 minutes daily and keep on using for one month even you will notice the results coming within the 15 days. The advantage of this natural skin marks paste is that, it also smoothen the skin beautifully and you will get the same clear skin once again.

Aloe Vera gel:

2. How To Remove Stretch Marks Naturally

Well aloe Vera is the blessing from God blessed to the persons who are in grief of having skin problems, it is a natural healer that cure the acne prone skin, scars, suntan and also the stretch marks upon skin. You just have to extract the aloe Vera gel and apply this to stretch marks two time in a day, another mixing of aloe Vera gel with vitamin E capsule oil is also magical to have positive changes on skin. When you apply the aloe Vera gel, massage it lightly for 1-2 minutes and let it dry, wash with Luke warm water and wait until the marks starts to blur.

Gram flour and turmeric:

3. How To Remove Stretch Marks Naturally

Turmeric has great power to repair the skin scars and also works best for inflammation, it reduces extra skin oil and give the fresh look to skin but to end the stretch marks you have to mix it well with gram flour with water so that it become mixture. Put this mixture to stretch marks and let it dry, peel it off softly and wash with water. You can add the lemon juice in this mask that works best for rapid results and treat the stretch marks instantly.

Glycerin and milk:

4+ How To Remove Stretch Marks Naturally

The organic compound glycerin is the colorless thick liquid that is effective in handling the skin problems. Glycerin is the best natural toner, cleanser and moisturizer that treat the skin rightly. When glycerin is mixed with milk then the magical liquid cures the dark streaks on skin fantastically. Mix the 3 tbs glycerin to half cup of milk and shake this well, use this mixture direct to the stretch marks and let there for 10-15 minutes. Wash it off and use daily to see quick results.

Raw sugar and lemon for stretch marks:

5. How To Remove Stretch Marks Naturally

Mix the 2-3 tbs sugar in the half cup lemon and apply this raw paste to skin but you must massage it in circular motion when you put to stretch marks. Mixing of lemon and sugar works so effectively together and the citric qualities in lemon instantly vanish these bad stretch marks to abdomen especially. If you add some drops of castor oil or the olive oil then the results will be quick.

Egg white and tomato:

6+ How To Remove Stretch Marks Naturally

Egg white is naturally blessed with protein that is very important for skin and when the egg white is mixed with the potato paste or juice, they both play valuable role in getting end of stretch marks. If you are going to apply this to big part opt skin then take the egg white of 1 egg and a big size tomato to extract its juice. This will give you proper quantity of paste.

Potato juice:

7. How To Remove Stretch Marks Naturally

This vegetable contains the good amount of starch in it and it is used for multiple skin cares. Most commonly it fades away the tanning and dark scars so this is also wonderful to heal the stretch marks over skin. Peel off the two potatoes easily available in kitchen and cut them into pieces, grind these pieces and extract their juice. Apply the juice over marks and use it two times daily for quick and fast results. You can use the pieces of potato too put on the skin.