After a cool and unruffled climate, the season of spring arrives. Everyone loves this season because it is the season of renewal of flowers and leaves. The season of spring is very pleasant and satisfying. Especially the girls love this season the most. In winter season skin become so dry, and sometime it is not suitable for applying the makeup on it because of dryness.

In summer season skin may be so oily. Oily skin also is not suitable for makeup. So this is the spring season that is so exquisite and appropriate for applying makeup in the events and it remains same at the end of the function. If you have to go for some event in the spring season then you must affect makeup according to your skin tone.

First and foremost Cosmetic products that you are using should be branded, because it is the matter of your skin. You must have to apply some foundation or a base on your face according to your skin tenor. Then a light eye shadow you can apply on your eyes.

It also depends upon day or night function. If you are going to concern dark eye shadow on your eyes then you must apply light color lipstick or some lip glows. Pertain some kajol in your eyes, with a pink color lip glows, it will brighten up your skin.

Spring Makeup For Your Skin Tone

Spring Makeup For Your Skin Tone (1)

Spring Makeup For Your Skin Tone (2)

Spring Makeup For Your Skin Tone (3)