21st Century & Revolution in the Beauty Industry:

We all are very well aware from the fact that we are living in 21st century, this is the age in which various techniques are discovered fir achieving success in every field of life then how it is possible for fashion experts to remain behind. Yes dear ladies, various new methods for treating skin in order to make it acne, pimple & tan free plus fairness & glow are introduced by the skin care experts. A revolution comes in the beauty industry.

Need of Facial for Beautiful Skin:

In this era of fashion every women wants an acne free, tan free, fair & glowing skin. They are very conscious about their complexion. In this regard facial plays a very vital role in order to make their skin pimple/acne free. Facial is the method by which you can make your skin to glow. Furthermore from weekly facial you can achieve a fair skin tone. So facial for beautiful skin is very important for fashion conscious women. If you also want to get a gorgeous look then you should take care of your skin.

Fruit Facial for Fair, Glowing & Tanned Free Skin:

Are you worried from your skin problem such as dark complexion, pimples, acne, wrinkles & ruthlessness? Then don’t worries just try a very natural fruit facial. It not only cleanse your skin but it also extract all the excessive oil –plus dead skin cell & other impurities from your skin & ultimately makes it bright.

Want to Learn: How to Do a Fruit Facial?

By using pure fruits you can do a fruit facial. Using fruits on the skin is not a modish way but in ancient times women use & trust this method very much. I am also sure that a fruit facial leads towards the beautiful skin. If you are thinking on how you can do fruit Facial? Then don’t worries just read the following points carefully & do facial at your home.

Step-by-Step Procedure of Fruit Facial:

The most commonly steps that come into a fruits are: Cleansing, Exfoliate, Massage with Face Pack on the Skin & in the last tonner. Because here we are going to discuss fruit facial so in all these step mostly fruits are used.

1ST Step of Fruit Facial; Cleansing:

Yes dear ladies on the very initial stage of fruity facial you need to clean your skin by using a fruit based cleansing method. First of all wash you face with water or regular soap. Use towel but gently in order to dry water from your skin.
We all know that lemon contains on Vitamin C & it also acts to nourishing you skin. In addition it is also believed that it helps for removing spots, tans, freckles, acne from your skin. Milk also leads towards the beautiful skin.
So in this first step I suggest you to use a cleanser in which lemon must be utilized. So take a half cup of milk & add some drops of lemon juice & also add a pinch of salt. Now mix all ingredients very well & apply on your face with the help of cotton pad. Rub this cotton pad/ball on your face very gently for about 20 to 25 min & then rinse off with lukewarm water in the winter season but cool water in the summer season.

2nd Step of Fruit Facial; Exfoliate:

Exfoliate is basically a step in which fruit scrubs are used for extracting all the dead skin cells from your face. Now you can use various fruits for exfoliation your skin. The papaya is a fruit that can exfoliate your skin. Its enzyme action on the skin-that is due to the existence of Papain into the papaya- removes dead skin cells from the top layer of skin. Some other fruits that can be used for the same purpose are grapes, apples & strawberries. This step revitalized your skin.
Take papaya fruit, cut it into two half equal parts & remove all the seeds from inside. Now by using fork you can mash it. Apply this mashes papaya on your skin. You can add some oil (almond or coconut) so that you skin never gets dries. In simple word the pulp of papaya is applied on the face.

3rd Step of Fruit facial; Massage & Face Pack Application:

Mashed bananas with milk can be used for face massage. Use lime juice instead of milk if you have oily skin. You can use strawberries, bananas & papayas also for making a paste that helps you in massaging your face.
There are lots of fruits based face pack ideas. Some are described here.
Take one apple, peel it & then cut it into slices. Now add tabs of honey, one yolk of egg, two to three drops of vinegar & some oil (coconut or olive oil). Blend all the ingredients & apply on your face for about 15 min. you cam massage with it also but very gently. Then wash 2with water only.
For oily skin I suggest you to use mashed tomato paste for massaging your skin or as fruit based face pack. Simply take two tomatoes mash these & apply on your skin. You can massage with your hands also but very gently.  After half an hour you can wash with water.
Watermelon, Avocado & strawberries in mashed form can also be used as fruit face pack in fruit facial.

4th Step of Fruit Facial; Tonner:

You can use rose water a tonner in the last to make your skin soft. You can use cucumber juice also as tonner. Tomato & lime juice both are also used for making a best tonner. Coconut water can also be used as tonner in the last.

Hope that this fruit based facial procedure will surely helps you a lot.

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