Healthy Ramadan Fasting:

0 Tips for Healthy Ramadan Fasting

As we know that in this year Ramadan is coming in summer season. Summer season is really a very hot season. Fasting means we can cannot eat & drink anything from the dawn to dusk. Furthermore, it is said by the old peoples that in summer season the sun rise early in the morning but sets in the west after long hours. In short words, in summer season days contains on more hours & but night has fewer hours. In this Ramadan, if you want to be healthy then try to act upon the tips which are illustrated for healthy fasting & stay healthy in this Ramadan. Let’s Start!

1)    First of let’s take a start from Suhoor. Suhoor is actual the name of the pre-dawn meal. It is advisable that you should never skip the Suhoor meal. For performing the whole day activities & work you need energy. So, don’t skip it. Must eat at this time.

2)    What to eat at Suhoor time? You need to eat those food items which can provide you energy during the whole day such as you need to include barley, wheat based items, oats, semolina, wholemeal flour etc because these release energy slowly during the whole day plus Fiber-rich food items lentils, beans, fruits etc are also preferable because these digested slowly.

3)    Similarly you need to avoid lightest food items into the Suhoor time such as biscuits, cakes, chocolate; sweets etc because these digest very fast & make you feel hunger only after some hours.

4)     Not to drink too much coffee, cola or tea because these remove water from body very faster through repetitive urination.

5)    During the fast hours, you need to stay in cool places.

6)    When it comes to exercise then in Ramadan you need to keep your exercise very light. Just a walk of almost 15 to 20 min is enough at evening hours.

7)    Break your fast with (a meal at dusk) at Iftar time with dates because these provide lots of energy. Also drink milk or juices.

8)    Don’t over eat at the Iftar Time.

9)    When you break your fast then try to eat less. Don’t eat and drink sumptuously because it can create health problem for you such as you may gain weight.

10)    Try to avoid the usage of too much avoid fried food items such as pakora or saamosa because these food items can cause heartburning or sometimes can leads towards indigestion.

11)    The high sugar food items such as traditional sweets gulab jaman or rus-gula can leads to feel vomiting. So avoid these items.

12)    Don’t eat high fat ort oily paratha at Iftar time because oil food digests slowly. Only eat rotti without oil.

13)    Drink as much water as possible with proper gaps for hydrating your body.

14)    Adopt healthy method of cooking such as grilling, boiling & roasting instead of deep fry.

15)    Follow a schedule, offer your prayers & sleep well.