Eyes are no doubt real expression of heart and soul. Beautiful eyes are really enough for the mesmeric attraction. Have an ideal dramatic expression of eyes beauty is desired for every lady and this expression can be gorgeously achieved by the application of the eyeliner. The right artistic application cans superbly increase the beauty of your eyes in most magnetic way. Here we are going to share very fabulous demonstrations of the exclusive winged eyeliner. This especial kind of eyeliner is fantastic for the fabulous exterior of eyes beauty.

Super ways for achieving winged beauty of eyeliner

(1): draw the normal lyre of the eye liner but in very neat and artistic way, start from the inner corner to the outer side and make a very clear expression of the neat application of eye liner
(2): for having impressive winged shape of eye liner, first of all put a pencil at the outer corner of the eye and check out position of making right shape
(3): draw 3, 4 very light dots start from the corner of eyes to the upper side which lead to the end of eye brows
(4): mix these dots with the black pencil and make a shape of delicate wing, where is the end of the liner draw a slight bending line which can artistically mix with liner which we have earlier apply at the eye
(5): clear all the inconsistencies if you feel and make a very clear outline of the right clear shape of a wing.
(6): then apply the liner at the shape and fill the outline of the winged at the last corner of the eyes
(7): the thickness of the liner should be medium so that the clarity remains obvious.
(8): lower lid of eye is also very essential for creating complete dramatic effect. Draw black pencil at the lower lid in an artistic way so that the real beauty of the winged eyeliner can be achieved

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