Eyes beauty is essential for the overall beauty, and eye beauty is maximum depends upon the natural shape of eye and lashes. Certainly it is necessary for achieving dramatic, fresh and youthful appearance. If you have natural long eye lashes then it is a god gift quality. But if you have not then there is no need to be worry, we are here to share some highly beneficial tips which will facilitate you in achieving an ideal dramatic eye lashes.

Beauty products tips

(1): Take a mascara brush and rinse it efficiently, dip it in the Vaseline and gently apply it on the lashes. In some weeks you will find effective results
(2): Practically use lip balm at the eye lashes and make them curlier. Flavored Chap Stick or lip balm will facilitate in achieving best results. Use it at the upper and lower lashes and wear sleeping mask when you wake up wash your eyes softly
(3): amino acid is best for the growth of the body hair; use such supplements which contain potassium, calcium and magnesium. For stop the loss of eyelashes use iron, copper and chromium

Food and domestic tips

(1): Massage of different oils is best for the natural growth of the eye lashes. Olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and castor oil are best for achieving long lashes naturally. Oils contain vitamin, minerals and lengthening agents which are not only superb for enlarging them but also best for moisturizing them.
(2): Vitamin’s supplements are awesome for having faster results. One supplement of containing vitamin E on daily bases and vitamin E lotion is also best for the natural growth of the eye lashes
(3): Take such fruits and veggies which are remarkable for the growth of the body capabilities. If you are not serious about your food you will notice that you have ill appearance regarding the every par of body. So try to select such fruits and vegetables which have the natural treasure of the vitamins and other extras.

Some other tips

(1): Use of eye lashes curlier will certainly best for increase the charming beauty of your lashes. Practice the technical use of the eye lashes curlier and enhance the beauty of the lashes in fabulous way
(2): Use of mascara is also authentic for creating an expression of the long dramatic lashes. Artistic use of the mascara will gorgeously increase the beauty of the eye lashes
(3): Use of the fake eye lashes can also fulfill your demand of the bigger expression of the eyes. Artistically best application of the fake eye lashes can provide you an awesome celebrity like exterior

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Beneficial tip for having long beautiful eye lashes

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2 oil massage for having beautiful long lashes

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