How can we make our hair attractive and shiny?

0. the benefits of coconut oil on natural hair

Coconut is very useful thing for our health it is very tasty and delicious it’s water is very useful for us in summer season because it is very cool and keep your stomach cool and fresh. Coconut oil is very beneficial for our hair because it provide us carbohydrate, vitamin and minerals which are good for us .The first place where the coconut is cultivated is Bangladesh, sari lank, Burma and Philippines and in these areas   this oil is available in much quantity. Hair are the beauty of human body because it enhance the beauty of face .The women who remain most conscious about their beauty they want to maintain their beauty for long time because this nature is created beautifully and it is our right to beautify ourselves .God has made so many things which is useful for human body the one thing is coconut which is very useful for our hair. Let see   how coconut help us to make your hair ideal for others.

Work of coconut oil:

First of all coconut oil is not much thick and easy to wash because it is not sticky and tacky you can use it at night time and wash in morning because whole night it work in your hairs.

1. the benefits of coconut oil on natural hair

Hair fall:

Hair falling is a big problem for girls, We can’t get rid from this disease because many pills are inn to control hair fall but it never stop because your hair roots become weak and in result too much hair fall if you become fed up with hair fall then coconut oil is best thing to save you from falling hair .You should use coconut oil twice in a week it will be help you from hair falling.

2. the benefits of coconut oil on natural hair

Lice controller:

Coconut oil is best tonic to control your lice and   lice are very shameful thing when someone sees you in your hair. If you want to get rid of lice and dandruff then wet your hair with oil and because wet hair can be damaged but if you use oil and then combing it is much easier to remove the lice.

Split ends:

Now a day a big fact which become the damages of hair is split ends because the water problem is much more in our countries which make our hair dull and rough .The best way to finish split end is cut your hair to the bottom and massage the coconut oil o the corner of your hair it is easy and effective way to make hair lengthy and strong.


3. the benefits of coconut oil on natural hair

Sunburn effect:

4. the benefits of coconut oil on natural hair

Sunburn is very dangerous for our skin and all body therefore we should do such remedies which can save us from the ultra violet rays of sun .On the face we use sun screen and different sun blocks but hairs are open and direct rays are reached in the hair which become the cause of rough and faint hair. When you are going outside for shopping or any other public place which is on open place then oil your hair and massage it very softly because coconut oil save us from sun burn.


The girls remain always in tension about their hairstyling because some girls have very frizzy and thin hairs which can’t adjust in any hairstyle then you should daily use coconut oil in your hair because it will be helpful   to adopt any hairstyle and give you a shiny and silky hair .With the use of coconut oil you will feel your hair becomes thicker and easy to combing and when you touch it you will feel smooth and soft .


5. the benefits of coconut oil on natural hair

Bonus Tips: Use coconut oil on your hair but not leave it for many days because if you leave it for many time then your hair become oily and frizzy so when you apply coconut oil on your hair then sit in the mild sunlight it makes your roots strong and remove your all dandruff.