Hair is the beauty of the lady and the long hair can give you a beautiful look and many males like the long hair of the ladies .some ladies have short hair some black and silky hair some like to go with the short but colorful hairs in the long hair you can go with every style which is in the trend because your hairstyle can change your overall look.

The girls that have long hair but not too much heavy and silky then it is not good so you should make your hair healthier and strong .the ladies want to do keep their hair long and strong at any cost but they don’t find any good way to make them silky and strong home made things and the many brands make their products for the caring of the hair .every month half an inch hair are grow .

you can maintain and make your hair healthy with good diet and such products which are chemicals free. The ladies who are very worried due to their hair growth and the light weighted hair then they should stay with us and see the different ways of growing hair.

Eat balanced diet:


Eating good  things in your food  for the growth and the healthier hair you should use the vitamin A,B,C  and E and except of vitamin  the proper need of  iron ,zinc ,copper and  vitamin complex because it make your hair strong and  give nourishment. Green leaves vegetable like spinach, broccoli, cabbage, avocado, lettuce  ,grape fruit etc. in the  grains oats ,porridge and the pluses should also used because everything is  added in the proper and balanced diet fresh fruit juices, olive oil made food ,oranges and the  fish dishes are compulsory in the balanced diet  if you can ,t the any  portion skip then  your hair can’t be able to growth well.

Use the egg massage:


For the proper  nourishing your hair had  needed the  massage and the  rubdown because due to this your blood remain in the circulation and this circulation make your hair strong and healthy. Take an egg and add the yogurt in it and blend it correctly and for the shiny hair you can add the drop of lemon juice and the lavender oil and massage in your hair in good way and after half an hour wash your hair with good shampoo repeat this  process one time in a week.



Now in this modern age  the ladies has skipped  to use the oil because they think it can spoil their fashion  but oil is a special portion for making your hair long and strong  without oil your can dry and it lose their natural beauty .the ladies who want  to make their hair strong and healthy they should  use the oil  two time in a week .mostly we use the mustard oil  but it is up to you you can use coconut oil , olive oil ,almond oil  or any oil which  you consider that  is best you can use on your scalp to make your hair  healthier and strongest.

Use the multivitamin:


The multivitamin supplements are good for the health of your skin and the hair  because due to the deficiency  of these  things your  hair remain deprive from the food health if on your hair too much dandruff  and the  infection then check any skin specialist and use medicine because if you ignore this problem then  the fear of the hair falling is increased  so use the multivitamin and drink much water in a day because water is  compulsory for the hair nourishment.

Hair dye and styling:


Now in this advance age everybody wants to do new fashion whether it is in anything .hair dye is the  fashion trend but it can make your hair rough and dull so you should avoid to use the hair dye because  it can spoil your scalp and your hair starting to fall the  dangerous chemicals are add in these products which can cause the skin and eyes cancer  not do too much brushing and combing in a day because  due to it breakage is too much  in a day you can do comb your hair  twice time a day. Don’t make the tight ponytail and tight hairstyling can stop your hair development and the hair  straightner ,hairdryer and the curler  is not good for your hair’s health so keep your hair dry in the natural  air.