0. How to get rid of dark circles

The ultimate threat for the natural beauty of face is definitely dark circles that give tired impressions and make you look more aged than you are. Well the percentage of having dark circles among youngsters is getting more and more due to some reasons. Everyone is in search of the ways through the darken eyes can be brighten up, although the makeup is the tool that hides all the flaws perfectly yet this is only a shield against such problems that provides a solution for less period of time but not forever. If you are hiding your dark circles with under the layers of makeup then you are not deceiving world but yourself as you cannot make yourself satisfied in this regard. So considering some facts and figures, we are moving towards the remedies and ways that instantly remove these dark highlights of eyes and surely help you to overpower the problem.
It can be inherited too because some people inherit the dark eyes from their parents, on the other hand aging is also another reason as the eyes fluid gets lessened with the passage of time and with shrinking of veins the eyes looks puffy.
Well if you are also the one who is addicted to late night routine then think about it seriously as your dark circlers are the blessing of this evil routine. Yes, nowadays the youngsters stick to social media for all night; their late night chats do not let them sleep properly which is the main reason of having puffy eyes. First diagnose the late night routine, make your sleep time according to the perfect sleep hours and develop a habit of waking up in the morning. Exercising and walk in the fresh air in the morning is also fruitful for your body system.

•    Always try to drink 2-3 glass of water after waking up in the morning, this is the best way to refreshing your inner system and also help the puffy eyes to let all the tiring expressions off.
Junk food is our culprit:
If you are lover of junk food then get ready to bear the problems that can make your life period short. The young generation is involved in eating junk food and this trend has blessed us with more skin and internal problems in which dark circles are the one. Yes, the junk food normally increases the cholesterol level which disturbs natural system of body. Instantly get towards the household food that is naturally made and effective to kill the dark circles and other diseases.

Fast cold compressor:

1. How to get rid of dark circles

If you want to cure the puffy and dark eyes instantly then use cold compressor way in which you just have to put the iron spoon in freezer until they get cold. Put them on eyes for 5 minutes and relax the eyes. This will not only give the fresh impressions to eyes but also effective to cure the circles of puffy eyes. If you do it in the morning and make it your routine then results are faster than your hope.

Its remedy time:
•    Nothing can beat than having natural remedies to cure for getting pure. Cucumber pieces are helpful for eyes puffers in this regard as this is the best spa beauty tip. Put the cucumber pieces on eyes and let them for 10 minutes to refresh the tired eyes.
•    Cold tea bags are really blessing for dark eye circled ladies. Enjoy the tea time and use these tea bags for your ultimate eye beauty, place the tea bags to fridge and cool them for some time. After cooling them, have on eyes to cure the killing dark circles.
•    Potato pieces can tremendously remove the eye circles fast as it is guaranteed. You can put these pieces to eyes even when you are getting sleep. The potato has the power to remove dark eye circles instantly.

Effective eye circle pack:

2+ How to get rid of dark circles

The beauty pack which I am going to tell is just magical to cure the dark eye circles in few days. You just need the extracted aloe Vera gel, raw honey and the gold foil paper that is generally called gold Vark. Mix the;
•    Two tbs aloe Vera extracted gel
•    1 tbs raw honey
•    Half an inch length gold paper piece
Beat them well and put this mixture into small box and place in the fridge that can stay for month. Use this pack around eyes at night and wash the next morning. Repeat it for some days; you will notice that dark circles are vanishing day by day.