Every one desires to have beautiful and glowing skin with no pimples and scars. For the beauty of the face clean and clear skin comes first and those people who have glowing skin they attract people most and every one like to look at them again and again.

There are different types of skin, some people have too oily skin but some have dry skin and there are also some people who are blessed with normal skin not too oily and not too dry. Whatever kind of your skin is, it needs care and attention of yours. Here we will describe some tips and ways that will help you to have glowing skin:

Drink a lot of water:

15 % of our skin is made up of water and to drink water is important to rejuvenate the skin. Water keeps the skin hydrated that makes it to glow. At least 2 liter per day water intake will give you best result within a week.

It will help to keep the digestive system proper and also remove all kinds of toxins and waste from the body. People with oily skin should try to drink water more as it will help in removing the excess oil and dirt. Drinking of water will also help the people with dry skin to get rid of dryness by keeping the skin hydrated.

Avoid sun exposure:

It is better to go for the sun between 7 to 10 am and after this time till 2 pm the sunrays will become very harsh for your skin. Try to avoid the sun exposure at this time and if you need to have vitamin D then 7 to 10 am timing is better for you. Too much exposure of sun will not only damage the skin but it will also cause the skin cancer. People with normal skin should also avoid to go before sun too much for it can damage their skin texture.


Exfoliation is must to remove the dead cells from skin and with the removal of dead cells, new cells will grow and that will make the skin glow. Not only cleansing, moisturizing and toning are enough but exfoliation is also essential for the skin.

You can use natural ingredients like oats, orange peel or lentil powder etc for exfoliating the skin. This exfoliation will remove impurities, dust, dead cells and black heads from skin resulting in flawless and clean skin.

Fruits and vegetables:

Not only the external care is important but internally if you take vitamin C regularly then that will help in natural glow of the skin. For attaining vitamin C you can eat potatoes, kiwi fruit, pineapple, strawberries, kale, cauliflower, cherries and citrus fruits. Using capsules and supplement you can also consume vitamin C.

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