0. Tips for Long Lasting Cosmetics in summer

The summer season is  continue and it is on its peak and mostly people like this season because it is full of colors  but   many people don’t like the summer season because too much hotness make our mood   dull and we want to live in the cool places  but it is life which can’t be spend in the  house we  have to  need to go outsides  but where the summer has   some colorful dresses and delicious  fruit for us where  the  summer demand an attention   for skin and it is very difficult to gain in the summer but  the ladies who are s much conscious for their beauty and the  skin problems they  want to save their skins  at any cost they  do much treatment of their skins in expensive clinics but it is easy to   make our skin glowing  .ladies are very fond of makeup they can’t move without make up   because t is their right  in winter every base  foundation and the concealer can be  apply on the face but in the summer very difficult to maintain our make up  for a long time so here I have some points which can keep your make  up for long time.


0+ Tips for Long Lasting Cosmetics in summer

•    First of all wash your face with cold water  before make up because so much dusty and grease are  layered on your skin pores  so wash your face with a lethal soap. Keep your soap 5 to 10 minute on your face and then rinse off the soap with fresh cool water.

1. Tips for Long Lasting Cosmetics in summer

•    Use the sun block and the moisturizing tonic which are oil free and adore less   and   use the doctor’s recommended sun block and sun care because when you go outside the UV rays are directed attacked on your face so apply the sun care before make up and if your skin is so much sensitive then you can use the cucumber for your moisturizing.

2. Tips for Long Lasting Cosmetics in summer

•    Make your skin alive with the ice because when you   take bath and so many works then only your hair remain wet and all of you become dry so use the ice cubes and do a massage with the ice cubes   because it can make your skin cool and your make up remain fresh for a long time do the ice message for 15 to 20 minutes and then dry your face with tissue paper.

3. Tips for Long Lasting Cosmetics in summer

•    Now a day so much cosmetics things are available in the market like base, foundation, face powder and the primmer. In the summer avoid to  apply  the wet  base   rather you should go with the primer and the concealer because it  make your skin smooth and your make up remain fresh  in the winter go with the foundation and the  liquid base  but  in the summer use concealer and primer. Use such   bases and foundation etc which are   branded otherwise it can clog your pores and cause the pimples so beware.

4. Tips for Long Lasting Cosmetics in summer 4+ Tips for Long Lasting Cosmetics in summer

•    In summer don’t go with the dark eye shadow because it give you effect of hotness so nude colors are good but if you like the funky look then pink, grey and the orange shades are good otherwise copper, light brown and the peach color eye shades are good   because it look natural and for making your   eyeshade for   long time use a layer of primer.

•    Mascara and eye liner are good to make your  simple make up good then you should  go with the water proof mascara and the eyeliner  because in the summer  sweat is everywhere then with the sweat  your  eyeliner and mascara can be  spoil your overall look  then check the mascara on your wrist and  do it under the water if it remain same then it good for the summer  and if you apply kajal in your eyes then apply the talcum powder for  keeping your  kajal   long lasting. Apply thick layer of mascara and in summer sleek line of eyeliner because in summer look very natural.

5. Tips for Long Lasting Cosmetics in summer

•    Matte lipstick is  perfect choice in the summer  because  lip gloss and the shiny lipstick   look so odd with your  simple look  matte shades are  nice so if you are young girl then go with the baby pink  and the peach color lipstick  but if you are newlywed and want to go in the function then wear  shoking pink  ,matte red  and the candy pink lipstick but brown is also best.

6. Tips for Long Lasting Cosmetics in summer

•    Use everything in  soft colors because ion summer we wear  different colors so with the colorful dressing  soft and  light make up is good  and with these  tips your make up remain fresh for long lasting time

7. Tips for Long Lasting Cosmetics in summer

Fashion tips:

summer is very scorchy season so you should avoid the sun rays   and don’t wear tight dresses and for your skin protection must use the sun care and wear scarf and hats sunglasses is good for the eyes .don’t apply heavy make up in the day time and when you come back at home then immediately wash your face with fresh water.