The fresh and glowing skin is the wish of everyone because first of all people see  toward your face and they  like your pure beauty. In the teen age the pimples ,acne and the scars  are on the faces of girls and boys and it remain for a  specific time  because pimple  made due to the hormonal change and  due to the  growth of different organs in our body .

the girls who are very conscious about their beauty  they  your skin is the  friend of you and it is the  most sensitive part of your  body  when the pimple and acne are appeared on your face you become start to hate your skin.

You should not be worried it is may be due to any stomach hotness or the sebum .now a days the pollution is increased in the  cities the  smoke ,dust and dirt is everywhere if you have indulge in the acne problem then you should not be worried about your face because I have some mask which can finishes your all acne just you have to skip the chemicals made things because it can damage your skin badly.



Lemon is the best bleaching thing for stay away the all scars and the pimples from the skin  in the lemon juice  you can add the honey and make a good mask   and keep it for sometime in the fridge and it become cool apply it on your skin  and  leave it for the  10 to 15 minutes  the peel of the lemon is mostly used in the  artificial   masks. In the lemon juice you can add the rose water and little quantity of  yogurt and apply it on the face it gives you a glowing skin and save you from the break out.



The girls who have acne on their faces and their wedding is near  they can use the  turmeric paste on their acne  in the turmeric paste you can add the  baking soda and the  little addition of honey and the  tea tree oil  make the good mask apply it twice a day because before your wedding you have to clear your face. In the turmeric you can add the talcum powder that is not too m7uch scented light fragrance  powder is good  apply this paste on your face and wash your face  with a good face wash.

Banana peel and the potato:


First of all wash your face with face wash and peel of banana rub on your skin especially on the pimples when you have rub the peel in good way then cut a potato and cut into pieces and  take anyone piece and rub it on to your pimples you  will see your all the pimples are  gone slowly  you can make a paste also the one piece of potato and the banana peel  grind in a  blender and apply this paste on your skin you feel fresh and alive.

Mud mask:


For the skin glowing and clearance you should use the natural things   because the artificial are made with the dangerous chemicals so the mud mask which is good for the skin apply it on your face when it become dry then wash your face and apply the apple cider vinegar   and leave it for 20 to 30 minute when it become fully dry then cleansing your skin.



Egg is full of nutrients and the useful for health there are hundred uses of the  egg it is  best for glowing  and the acne  effected skin  because it make your skin soft  not yolk only egg white  is perfect for glowing and neat skin take an egg and separate the egg white in a bowl and add  some  drops of  milk in it  with the  little quantity of gram seed  because  it can save you from breakout .

Cucumber and mint:

Cucumber & mint agua fresca

In the summer the season of cucumber is going on peel out a cucumber and cut in to pieces  blend the pieces of cucumber  and yogurt and the glowing skin  you can use the lemon juice and  the baking soda   with the honey and the  orange peel apply this paste on your face it is very soft  at the place  of  the acne you can wash your face with the mint juice  at the place of  mint and cucumber you  can go with the yogurt and  the papaya  peel and grind it in the juicer.