Dark nail polishes make your nails blemished and it became embarrassed you in front of others. Then you hide your nails in pockets or wear gloves to conceal your stained nails from others. But there are some tricks and treatments which will make your nails whiter. These tips will perfectly work and remove stains, and give white color to your nails. Take a look how you can make your nails whiter

•    For whitening the nails, scrubbing the nails with toothpaste is the very cheap and authentic tip. Use toothbrush (anyone old or new) and cleanse your nails with whining tooth paste humbly and then rinse it. It will effective.

1 The Best Ways to Whiten Your Nails

•    Denture cleanser can consist of several distinctive active elements and each cleanser has some type of ingredients that are capable to despoil all strains from hard white surface. Dissolve on or tablets of denture cleanser into a small bowl. Dip your nails for about five minutes.
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•    Absorb a cotton ball with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Stroke it onto your nails and let it dry.
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•    The sour characteristics of lemon juice help to stay away stain particles into your nails and soapy water can further support to remove stains particles. Mix ¼ lemon juice with 1 cup of warm water and 1 to 2 Tbsp gentle liquid soap in a bowl.
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•    Baking soda is a dynamic home cleaning agent that works terrifically from odor absorption to stain removal. Mix 2½ Tbsp of baking soda into 1 Tbsp of 3% hydrogen peroxide in a small bowl. Whirl with spoon or chopstick until the two elements combined completely with each other. Apply the paste over and under the nails by cotton on one hand. Leave it for three minutes and then rinse with warm water. Repeat it on the other hand.
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•    If you want an immediate fix then whitening nail pencil can help you. Lightly moisten the tip of your pencil or your nails with little water. Color evenly along the underside of your nail tips and let it set.
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•    Before applying nail paints on your nails first apply base coat on your nails. It prevents strains form your nails in future.

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•    Salt can work as a gentle safeguard and when you mix it with lemon then you could be able to remove stains from your nails. Mix equal amount of lemon and salt and apply this scrub to your hands and focusing on nails. Leave it five minutes and then rinse it.
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•    Vinegar also has acidic qualities and this also works to give shining and remove stains form white surface area. Mix 2 tbsp white vinegar into the bowl of warm water. Soak your nails for at least 10 minutes and then rinse it.

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These tips are very easy to do at home. So make your nails white by following these tips.
Hope you would love it!