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Women are always in search of those tips which add beauty into their personality. So, beauty tips have lots of importance for them. This is the right place from where you can get special beauty tips on hair, face, skin, make-up & much more.

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Along with beauty tips the latest make-up trends have also lots of significance for ladies. They want to do make-up according to the prevailing trend. So, don’t worry because on this website we tell you also about these latest & 2014 make-up trends with the help of detailed description & pictures into various articles.

Summer Makeup Tips:

Currently, on this page I am going to share some makeup tips with you which are specifically related to the summer season. Summer season means hotness everywhere. In hot season mostly ladies are worried from the melting of make-up due to sweat. Sweat is basically moisture which exclude from the pores of your skin especially in the summer season due to heat.

Ideas to Refresh the Makeup in summer:

Read the following points carefully & get beneficial ideas on how you can refresh your make=-up even in summer season.

  • 1)    Firstly, there is a great need to exclude all excess oil & dead skin cell from your face by using a qualitative cleanser.
  • 2)    In the summer season mostly the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is commonly used for the purpose of protecting skin from the UV Rays. Apply it at the parts of face where the sun naturally hits more.
  • 3)    Try to avoid heavy base in the summer season & go only with concealer. You can only apply foundation where it need. Don’t go with heavy application.
  • 4)    You can use various fruits & clay masks for the purpose of reducing excessive oil. In this way your make-up melts less even in a hot day.
  • 5)    Any branded Tinted Moisturizer is perfect for the skincare in the summer season because it hydrates your skin plus softens it.
  • 6)    After the application of concealer or foundation or SPF mostly the translucent powder is used for making your skin tone even.
  • 7)    When it comes to eye makeup then I only suggest you to use an eye primer before the application of eye shades because it helps your eye shadows to stick for a long period of time.
  • 8)     Try to use Water-resistant liner & mascara instead of water proof in the summer season because it never melts.
  • 9)    When it comes to lipstick then I have to tips. First one is that you can apply a lip balm with various fruit flavors because it keeps your lips soft plus shinny. Second is you can go with any color of lipstick but try to use foundation before the application of lipstick because foundation males your lipstick to stay on your lips for a long period of time.
  • 10)     Try to achieve a light & bright look in the summer season by using light & bright colors of shades only such as pink, nude, peach, light brown, etc.
  • 11)    In the very last I suggest you to keep a mirror, some blotting papers & a sponge into your hand or shoulder bag so that whenever you feel your skin is excluding oil you can remove it by using blotting paper or you can set the creasing or lines by using sponge.

Hope that these tips will surely helps you a lots in order to keep your make=up refresh in this summer season.

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