Eyebrows Styling Tips:

0 10 tips of eyebrow shape coloring and style

Eyebrows plays a vital role in order to beautify our all face. Eyebrows if plucked well then your eyes can look mesmerizing & attractive. As we know that women are very much conscious about their beauty. For this purpose they usually visit parlors & sometimes at home they try to add some modishness into their personality.

Mostly, they become conscious about their facial beauty when they want to attend a formal party, wedding function or get-to-gather. Making eyebrow is an art. Making eyebrows according to shape of eye will surely add beauty into your face. You can make you small or big eyes more prominent with well eyebrows. Today, I am going to share some tips on the style, shapes & coloring of eyebrows, hopefully this article will be beneficial for you.

1)    First of all, before tweezing or threading your eyebrows you must take your face shape into your mind so that you can get an idea about which shape of eyebrow looks nice on your face. The following picture will provide you information. Have a look.

1 10 tips of eyebrow shape coloring and style (9)

2)    You can visualize a selected shape into your mind. Now think whether it looks nice on you or not?
3)    Before giving a shape to your brows you can fill your eyebrows with a color pencil according to the shape that you want to give to your eyebrows.
4)    You have three options for plucking eyebrows or for making eyebrows. First is threading (by using thread), second is tweezing (by using tweezers) & third is waxing (by using wax). You can choose an option in which you feel comfort. The selection also depends on your hair thickness or thinness. Threading techniques is long lasting but it can be painful. Waxing is easy but costly, painful & can cause skin allergy. Tweezing is inexpensive & painless but time consuming.
5)    If your eyebrows are less I mean there are fewer hairs on your eyebrows then you can use a matching eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder for making your eyebrows prominent. But try to keep your pencil color or eyebrows powder as light as possible.
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6)    Mostly it is better to tweeze your eyebrows after shower because you skin become very soft after bath & hairs can slip out very easily.
7)    You can reduce the redness after plucking by using a cream or by washing your face with cold water.
8)    Now days, various color brows tints are available into the market. These can be used for giving a thick look to light eyebrows.
(2 10 tips of eyebrow shape coloring and style (5))
9)    Tweezed hairs of eyebrows can grow again but not in some days. It takes almost 2 & half months to grow fully. Some ladies hairs grow on slower rate while someone at faster rate. You can message your eyebrows gently by using oil (especially when you massage your head hairs).
10)    If you never knows exactly how to pluck eyebrows then don’t do it at home. You can visit a nearly located parlor for a perfect shape because if your eyebrows are not done rightly by you then your face looks very gauche & you feel embarrassed in a crowd.