Simple harmless ideas to remove mehndi

Mehndi is traditional art to décor body special hands with henna paste and this is most prominent in the Indian Middle-East but well-liked in the worldwide by females. This is permanently included in the ladies beauty which mainly appears on wedding functions.  This tremendous lovely art is applied by stencil or hand free pattern that removes after dry hands. This leaves semi-permanent result that you can’t easily remove and still any cosmetic product not introduce in market for urgently remove the henna color. But here are few home remedies to faint the color of mehndi. These effective cash free tips surely show evident outcomes. Take a look!

?    Baking Soda & lemon sauce

1 How To Remove Mehndi Color Quickly

This is best & effective home remedy to rapidly remove the color of henna. Make a paste of baking soda & lemon and apply it on hands in the form of massage. Gently massage on hands and get result after 15-20 mints.

?    Chlorine & lukewarm water

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If you have chlorine in your home then this is easiest & quick way to get rid from fading henna. Take a deep plate & add few drops of chlorine with water in it. Dip you hands’ palm side in this liquid maximum five minutes; you will feel that your henna is finishing from hands but you feel little irritation because this is chemical but worry this will never bad effect on your skin.

?    Bleaching powder

3 How To Remove Mehndi Color Quickly (3)

Bleaching powder is most prominent & valued trick to get rid from rough henna that hurriedly prove effect. Take bleaching powder in bowl & add water now apply its liquid with cotton pads.

?    Olive oil & salt

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This is easiest & harmless tip to away henna from hands. Pour olive oil in bowl and one tablespoon salt appropriately blend in two ingredients. Now, apply with cotton swab & gently massage it on henna stains.

?    Repeatedly wash your hands

Hands Under a Running Faucet

If you are a domestic lady then don’t need to apply any product for remove henna color merely you should to do such work in which your henna decorated hands dip in water like washing the clothes or pot etc.