0. best exercise for eye wrinkles

Eyes are the window of our soul and we see everything with these eyes whether that is evil or good   and this is   very sensitive part of our face the value of a eyes can be tell a person who is blind and he is deprive to see the colors of life. Everything has need of care and our eyes which remain open except when we are sleeping means that eyes remain in working and a human body is like a machine and a machine can’t travel without   resting so our eyes also demand   for rest. Wrinkles line near to the eyes and smile lines can show you bigger from your actual age .Exercises are much more for finishing your wrinkles because with wrinkles you look very old and aged so with the exercises man eye treatment is common in the world like Botox which is done by many woman .Here I have some facial treatment s which are not for wrinkled eyed but is compulsory for everyone .To reduce the wrinkles many beauty cream and wrinkles free eyes gel are available but we do anything wrinkles can never leave you alone because if you don’t care of anything which demands care and when you don’t give proper time to it than that will be   defected. Here I have different exercises which are helpful in reducing the eye wrinkles.

 Exercise to get rid from eye wrinkles:

Botox is a main and famous facial treatment which can save us from growing old because your eyes lower part become very smooth and fragile and all the beauty of your eyes becomes spoil and when you smiles under your eyes two or three layers become so don’t think about Botox and reduce wrinkles with exercises. Owl exercise is very good make two “C” across your eyes and open your eyes lid how much it is possible and then relax your forehead and repeat this exercise 5 to 6 .

Make a “ V” shape across your both eyes keep your one index finger at the inner corner of your eye second keep on the arc of your eyebrow and do a massage with your V fingers and repeat this exercise 9 to 10 time daily. When you become free after this step of exercise then keep your eyes close and give them some rest.

In the bottom you feel much wrinkles and   dark circles in your eyes it look very bad because eyes can make your face attractive so circling around your eyes .Keep your index finger at the end of your eyes and keep your other fingers gently from the arc of the eyebrows and continue your massage under the eyes and repeat this exercise 5 to 10 times and you can do it in opposite sides also.

Puffer fish is another suitable exercise for reducing the eye wrinkles if you want to finish wrinkles from your eyes then you   puff your mouth and make it shorter as much as possible and gently press the cheeks and then blow air in your mouth and pinch on your cheeks. Do this exercise for 30 to 40 seconds.

Kiss the sky is   very good exercise for removing wrinkles you should see on the sky and keep your eyes full open  and take a deep breath after   stopping your breathe and keep your both fingers on your eyes lid and then breathe .

1. best exercise for eye wrinkles

Point to be noted:

Exercises are very compulsory for our whole body part and we should do exercise daily of every part of our body .eyes need to exercise if you want to remain ageless then exercise   is anti aging for your eyes. Exercises are not for fat and some people rather it is important for everyone because it maintain your body keeps you fresh and alive.