Celebrities who maintain their look:

Celebrities have craze to hold their beauty and age in their fists. They make all efforts to sustain their beauty and grace. To be the heat throb of fans it is essential for a celebrity that he/she always looks attractive and impressive. Sustain good looks for long time is not an easy job but some celebrities have done it with excellent dexterity.

Here we are talking about some gorgeous celebrities who maintained their beauty with such dexterity they look quite younger than their age. They look fabulous and charming and young despite of their considerable senior age. Let’s briefly explore classy elegance of these charmingly beautiful celebrities who are gorgeously awesome and look adorably young than their exact age.

Bipasha Basu:

1 Bipasha Basu looks younger

Bipasha Basu is attractive and looks as charming as she was in her (Raaz) movie. Despite her considerable age of 36 years she is still looks pretty amd charming. Her grace and personality and her haute appearance is same as earlier before a decade.

Bushri Ansari:

2 Bushra Ansari seem younger then age

Bushri ansari is multitalented celebrity of Pakistan industry. She has excellent artistic skills and charming beauty. Her magnetic beauty has charming elegance. In age of 61 she looks just senior. Really she has stopped her magnificent beauty in her age and still looks young and fetching.


3 kajol looks younger then age

Charmingly decent beauty of bollywood Kajol is also one of those celebrities who look young and enchanting than their age. She maintained her personality in excellent way that in age of 40 she looks still adorable and young. Really she has as charm and elegance in her personality as it was in her young age.

Kareena Kapoor:

4 kareena kapoor younger then age

Bollywood Bebo (Kareena Kapoor) has amazing grace of excellent stylish personality. She looks still as young and adorable as she was before one decade rather her charming beauty and elegance is increasing day by day. The actress is gorgeously awesome and young looking than her exact age.

Karishma Kapoor:

5 karishma-kapoor looks younger

Beautiful doll of bollywood Karshima Kappor looks like charming girls of 20 plus in her age of 40. She maintained her beauty and appearance with excellent dexterity. Still she looks like a young charming girls and graph of her beauty and grace is increasing day by day.

Madhuri Dixit:

6 Madhuri-Dixit looks younger then age

Madhuri Dixit is haute and talented celebrity of bollywood. She has excellent grace and fetching beauty in her age of 47. Despite such considerable age still she looks quite young and charming. She sustained her beauty with excellent skill that she look young than her real age.

Noor Bukhri:

7 noor seem younger then age

Noor bukhri is charmingly good looking celebrity of Pakistan cinema industry. She has exclusive grace and innocence in her smiling face. In her 32 age she is still look like a young girl of 25. Her excellent feature, glowing skin and elegant hairs still sustain her beauty which she has when she came in cinema industry.

Rani Mukherjee:

8 Rani Mukherji seem younger then age

Beautiful Rani Mukherjee has cute elegance and fetching grace. She is still look elegant and charming. Despite her senior age of 36 she looks still cute ad adorable. Although her personality has change considerable but still she looks young and harming.

Reema Khan:

9 Reema Khan seem younger then age

Reema khan is multitalented actress of Pakistani cinema industry. She has excellent desired beauty. She is like a beauty diva and surprising she is still as charming and young looking as she was in one decade ago. It looks that Reema has stopped her beauty and age in her fist because she is looking more and more young and charming day by day.


10 rekha looks younger then age

Rekha is bollywood legend personality. She is superb personality and excellent grace in her magnetic appearance. Surprisingly in her age of 60 she is still looking awesome and harming. Rekha’s appearance is considerable young than her exact age.