Weight Loss Exercises:

Losing weight & gaining an ideal figure is a dream of every fat lady. So, dear women, now you need not to worry because I am here for your assistance. If you feel irritation from going to gyms then don’t worry because now you need not to go to gym or to follow a diet plan just act upon the given instruction & achieve a balanced figure.


1 exercises to lose weight (3)

In this exercise you need to stand straight at the initial step. Now lower your hip or bend on knees same like as you are sitting on a chair but try to keep your back & chest straight. It is a full body exercise. It helps you to burn fat from thighs, hips and buttocks. It strengthens your muscles also. It is considered a vital exercise in order to lose weight. Look towards the picture try to do it at home repetitively for almost 15 to 20 minutes. During Squats you can keep you hand on the back of your head or straight in front of your chest.


2 women running exercise

Running is also a very easy & do- it-your-self exercise for losing weight. It basically helps you to burn calories. When you run for almost 15 to 20 minutes then this will helps you to burn almost 100 calories. Running also helps you to socialize with your friends, relatives & neighbor into the parks or on the roads. You need a good pair of shoes for running so that you feet never injure. It can boosts up your metabolism rate, reduce fatness & make your figure fit/smart.

Climbing Stairs:

3 climbing strais

Climbing stairs is also very beneficial for you to lose your weight. You should use stairs instead of lift during office timing, working hours & shopping. It will help you to reduce fat from legs, hips and glutes.


4 bicycling exercise 5 piushups exercise 6 planks

Another very enjoyable exercise which can helps you to burn calories is the bicycling. For this exercise you need a good quality bicycle & now take it on the road or into a park. Try to keep your cycling fast as much as it is possible because it helps you to burn calories. You can do it at home by using the idea of stationary bicycling.

Planks & Push Ups:

13/1/09 carla pic david poole exercise number 1

Planks & pushups exercises as shown into the above pictures also helps you a lot in order to burn calories from your chest, shoulders, triceps, lower back and glutes. The right way of doing traditional style of pushups you need to lay on the floor in such as way that your chest youth the floor plus with straight legs & hands beneath your shoulder. Now try to push your back up until your arms become straight & then again come back at the previous position. Repeat this exercise almost 15 to 30 minutes daily. In planks you need to maintain a rigid pushup position with straight body for almost 20 to 30 minutes.

Jumping Rope:

8 jumping rope exercise

If you seriously want to reduce your weight then why don’t you think about jumping rope exercise? It is very simple & easy. You can do it into a small place even. This exercise along with burning calories also helps to improve the cardiovascular system (heart & blood vessels system), determination power, harmonization and liveliness.


9 dancing exercise

Dancing is also a very important & vital exercise for losing weight. It is a full body exercise. When you dance then you move your whole body & blood circulation also increases. Your heart beat also become fast. All this helps you to reduce your calories. This exercise can become a good source of fun for you also. When you listen music & dance then you will forget all of your problems & stress.

Usage of Elliptical Burner Machine:

10 Elliptical Burner

If you like running early in the morning then why don’t you think to bring an Elliptical Burner machine at home because it not only helps you to run at home even into your room but also burn an equal amount of calories same like as from running. It is a very effective & at home weight loss exercise. If you can never afford an Elliptical Burner then you can visit a gym on regular basis.


11 swimming

Swimming is also very good exercise for losing weight. When you swim in water then you not only feel relax & comfort but also burn your calories. It is best exercise for the summer season. When you do laps up & down into the water then it will reduce your weight. It will help you to balance your figure without sweat. So try to swim into your swimming pool for about half an hour daily. After some days you feel the great difference.

Skaters Exercise:

12 Skaters13 Skaters exercise

For doing this exercise you need to bring your body into semi squat position. Now you need to land on your left leg & then on right leg. Look towards the picture & do it same as the girl is doing into the picture & try to do it continuously for about 15 to 25 minutes.

Try to give your best in every exercise & urge yourself for daily exercise otherwise you may never succeed in losing weight. Pay you whole attention on exercise instead on watching TV or talking with people.  You will surely get positive results. Best of luck!