Impact of Dark Circles on Your Beauty:

Whenever the area under your eyes become darker (but sometime the lid of eye also become dark) then this phenomenon is called dark circle. Dark Circle is almost the very common problem that is faced by every age women. Dark circles look very awkward on your face. The most awful effect of dark circles is on your facial beauty. Because of dark circles women or even girls look greater than their actual age.

Causes of Dark Circles:

There are a lot of causes of dark circle problem. Some of these are:

1)    Dark circles may be occur due to inheritance property I mean to say that if parents are engage in this problem then their children have also.
2)    Lack of proper sleep also leads to create dark circle under your eyes.
3)    It may due to over age, I mean when your age is gone to increase then the skin around your eyes may become thinner & darker.
4)    It may be due to ultraviolet rays which come from sun especially in the summer season.
5)    Eyes allergy can also leads towards the dark circles.
6)    Any kinds of disease can also another strong reason for dark circles.
7)    Due to over reading especially at night times can also become another important cause of dark circles especially among students.
8)    Due to lack of iron in body, dark circles appear around your eyes.
9)    Lack of vitamins (nutrition deficiency) in your body can also create this problem on your faced.
10)    Drinking of less water (dehydration) is also leads towards the dark circle problem.

10 Very Useful Homemade Tips for Removing Dark Circles:

So, the women who are worried about this problem & want to remove these dark circles then you just read the following very easy & effective homemade tips. These all beauty tips will surely prove very beneficial for you. As we know that for the purpose of hiding dark circles foundations, concealers etc are used by the women but it is only a temporary way to hide dark circle. If you want to get from your dark circles permanently then you must act upon one of the following tips but regularly or twice in a week.

1)    Cucumber Slice used for Removing Dark Circles: Regular usage of Cumber slices on eyes ultimately leads towards the reduction of dark circles.

2)    Tea Bags as Homemade Tip for Removing Dark Circles:  Most commonly tea bags are used for making tea but after usage these are thrown into the basket but now you can use these after-usage tea bags for removing your dark circles. Keep these cooled tea bags on your eye for half an hour. Regular use can tell you about its benefits.

3)    Remove your Dark Circles with Potato: Potato is also most widely used to get rid from the dark circles problem. There are two ways on how you can use potato for removing dark circles. First is to use potato slices on your eye for about 30 min & second is the usage of potato juice. Dip cotton balls into this juice & now keep these cotton balls or pads on your eyes again for half an hour. After regular usage you can notice positive change.

4)    Use Almond Oil & Honey Paste to Get from Dark Circles: Take these two ingredients in equal quantities. Mix these very well & then apply on you the darker area. Mostly it is applied like cream at night time regularly & rinse off into every morning. After some weeks you can feel the great change.

5)    Rose Water & Removal of Dark Circles: Rose water is very easily available into the various shops. You can use it for the removal of dark circles. Use cotton pad & dip it into the rose water now keep this pad on your eyes. You can use it regular or even twice in a day. It will provide beneficial results.

6)    Drinking More Water: Almost 7 to 8 glass of water is recommended by the doctors for a good health because water plays a vital role in order to make our inner system disease free & as a result our outer skin is also become fair & glowing.

7)    Ice Cubes as Homemade beauty tip for Dark Circles: Take some ice cubes into a cloth & keep it on your eyes for about 5 to 10 min. you can prepare ice cubes by using green tea at home these green tea ice cubes also resolve your dark circles problem.

8)    Usage of Fenugreek seeds for Removing Dark Circle: Take a fist of Fenugreek seeds. Soak it in water for about 3 to 4 hours. Now make a paste of it. For making paste you can use milk. Apply this paste on your eyes & rinse off after 15 to 20 min.

9)    Fresh Mint & Lime Juice Paste a Homemade Tip for removing Dark Circles: Take some leaves of mint & crushed these very well. Now add some drops of lime juice in it. The paste is ready now. Apply on your dark circles area for about 10 to 15 min & rinse off with water. See the difference in some weeks.

10)    Avoid Smoking, Sleep Well & Take Proper Nutrition:   Yes in the very last I only want to say that if you are a smoker then avoid it, take your full sleep & take proper nutrition. All these steps must reduce dark circles under your eyes.

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12 lime juice & mint leaves for removing dark circles

13 avoid smoking

14 take full sleep