Makeup Secrets for Beauty:

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Today, I am going to share some very beneficial & important make-up secrets with you. These tips will surely help you in order to beautify your look. We all are very well aware from the fact that in this age of fashion almost every lady wants to look beautiful by wearing stylish clothes, beautiful pair of footwear as well as with graceful personality.

The graceful personality is achievable only if your pay attention towards your face beauty by accurate makeup & beautiful hairs. For me make-up & hairstyle both are necessary to each other. So, whenever I talk about make-up then it becomes necessary for me to talk about hairs also because these both completes to each other. Let’s starts out top 10 tips!

1)    First of all when you start your make up then you make a base by using various sticks, powders, foundations etc. All these items are used only for making your uneven skin tone even. Firstly of all you need to moisturize your skin on regular bases so that you can make it soft.

Exfoliate your skin for getting rid from dead skin cells by using appropriate exfoliating products or scrubs. I think liquid concealer or foundations are better than sticks. Foundation can be applied on the skin like cream while if you apply stick then you need to blend it by rubbing again & again. Due to continue rubbing, your blood circulation become faster & redness starts to become visible on your face.

So, if you are going to attend a party & want prepared only in 5 minutes then apply foundation & soft mix it with your tone like cream. Always buy yellowish foundation because it goes well with white skin tone as well as with Asian skin tones. Always use sponge for applying foundation gently on your skin.

After applying foundation I think it is better to skip powder. Make sure that you neck & face both skin tones should be same (if wearing short clothes then be careful about the skin tone of your legs, arms, face, neck). It means you should never use too much foundation that you face skin tone starts to differ from your body skin tone. Keep it light & natural.
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2)    When we are talking about make up then how we can forget eye makeup. When it comes to choose shades for your eyes then you can go with your dress color shade of with a shade that usually suits on your face. You can keep an eye on the latest eye shades that are in fashion such as now days metallic silver eyes, Smokey eyes (with black, brown, green & other darker shades), light beige eye shades etc are in fashion. Whatever shade you apply on your eyes, make sure you blend it beautifully. After apply eye shades try to clean your eye from the sideways. Try to keep your eye shades light near the brow line. Be careful about the inner lid & outer lid eye shade shape.
2 eye shades make up tip

3)    For making your eyes more beautiful the liner mascara is also used. Usage of mascara is simple while liner plays a vital role in order to change your eye shape, you can apply thick liner, thin line of liner, cat style liner, winged liner etc. But keep in mind that you should first try all shape of liner (one-by-one) & then choose one shape that suits on your eyes.
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4)    Lipstick completes your make up. Now days mostly red, beige, purple, pink & plum colors lipsticks are in fashion. Once again for applying lipstick you should need to choose a color that goes best your skin tone. Lipstick should be applied by keeping the eye makeup into the mind, if your eye makeup is darker then keep your lipstick light & if your eye makeup is light then try to apply darker color lipstick.
6 lipstick application

5)    Don’t forget blush on. But avoid over usage of blush on because it can makes your cheeks to look gauche.
7 blush on

6)    You need to buy almost every type of brush for you make up kit such as foundation brush, eye shadow brush, lip brush, blush brush, blending brush, fluffy brush etc. you need to clean your clean your make up brushes for making these brushes bacteria free. Its good not only for your skin but also for you healthy skin.
8 types of make up brushes

7)    Never try to wash hair on regular basis because it can leads towards hair dry. Try to trim hair after two months for faster growth of hair. Beautiful hairs always lead to a perfect look with perfect makeup. So don’t neglect your hairs. If you wear short clothes then be careful about your hair removal from legs & arms by using branded products that are never harmful your skin tone.
9 hair beauty

8)    Change your make up routine according to season such as in spring lighter makeup is preferable while in winter mostly ladies look stunning in darkest shades.
10 seasonal make up

9)    Nail art & use of perfumes (body spray) also includes into your make-up. Nail art increase the beauty of your hands with a beautiful face. If you look beautiful but smell bad then people avoid to sit or stand with you. So, try to use appropriate body spray & perfumes after finishing your makeup.
11 nail art & perfumes

10)    Don’t forget to remove your makeup before going on bed I mean before going to sleep.
12 remove make up

Hopefully, after reading these top beauty tips about make up you will able to apply makeup on your skin appropriately & as a result you will look naturally beautiful.