Some women have dry skin and some have oily skin. Dryness can root to skin damage because dryness eradicates the crucial oil from skin. Therefore, girls having dry skin should special care internally as well as externally so that they could be avoid wrinkles and skin aging problems. Here I am giving the top 10 best remedies for curing the dry and dull skin. These will guide that how you can get rid of dry and dull skin. Let’s take a look!
•    First and most important that you should do is that you have to take your diet properly. Eat vegetables, fruits, grains, cereals, and things that have lots of vitamins and proteins. It may be possible that the cause of your skin dryness is your unhealthy diet so take your diet properly.

1 vegetables & fruits

•    Drinking of at least 3-4 liters water is essential for you. If you want to get glowing skin then drink water as well as you can. It will finish your dryness and give you naturally glowing skin. It is the best remedy to cure the dry skin.
2 water

•    Exercise is also most important to get perfect body and prefect skin. Do exercise or Yoga for proper blood circulation to make skin healthy. It will not relieve your stress but also give you healthy and glowing skin.

3 Yoga Exercise

•    Curd or yogurt has two important elements, lactic acid and zinc, which is the best solution to remove dryness. Apply yogurt on your skin, it will give you perfectly surprising result to cure the dryness of your skin.
Greek yogurt in white ceramic bowl with spoon - high end Hasselblad 61mb digital image. Image shot 2006. Exact date unknown.

•    When we talk about natural remedies for fairness then it is not possible that we don’t talk about olive and almond oil. Massage your skin with the mixture of these two oils before every bath. It will moisturize your face, treat clogged pores, and remove all traces of dirt and impurities from your face.
5 almond oil and oilve oil

•    Sandalwood imparts brightness and makes the skin shinny. Apply the paste of sandalwood, milk powder and turmeric powder on your face and then wash it after fifteen minutes.
6 sandalwood powder

•    Preserve yourself form the unwanted light of sun. The harmful ultra violet rays as well as scorching heat can worsen the condition of dry skin.  You should make sure you protect yourself by wearing sunglasses, proper clothes, hat and sun block.
7 protect from sunlight

•    Honey, milk powder and turmeric powder paste is the easiest and best home remedy for dry and dull skin. Apply it on your face and get the extremely amazing results.
8 honey, milk cream and turmeric powder

•    Papaya is great ingredient for treating dry skin. Papaya and fuller’s earth are amazing for our face and work tremendously and give healthy and fair skin. Just mixed mashed papaya into the fuller’s earth (multani matti), apply it your face to keep it moisturizer, fair and radiant.
9 papaya

•    Honey is the God gifted and amazingly work to keep skin glowing and shinny. Mixture of cucumber and honey will make your face smooth and allow to get rid off from dryness and dullness.
10 honey and cucmber for dry skin

Above all remedies is not so difficult and not expensive. So if you want to get prefect glowing and skin and get rid off from dull and dry skin then do it. You will get amazing results.
Hope you will like it!