Guidance for First Date:

Boys! Are you going on your first date? You are feeling confusion about how you should plan your date? Don’t worry just stay on this page & get step-by-step guidance on how you can plan your 1st date. Read carefully & make your date unforgettable. Hopefully, after reading the following tips you will surely be able to make your first date successful. Let’s Start & plan your date!

1)    First of all you need to think about an appropriate date for your 1st Date. For example you can go with Valentine’s Day date (14 Feb), new year (1 Jan), Christmas (25 Dec), these dates can make your date memorable & unforgettable. Other unique date ideas include her birthday date because when you invite her on date on her birthday then she will be very happy & remember this day forever.

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2)    The second point that you need to keep into your mind when you are planning your 1st date is to pick a best & dreamy location that is comfortable such as a five star restaurant, a garden, a sea side etc.
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3)    Before going on the date you need to boost up your confidence level. So, be confident. When you reached at the date then don’t lose your confidence & eat like a normal person, don’t show any kind of hand shivering & shaking during eating & drinking.
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4)    Another thing that you should do on your first date is to ask her whether she is comfortable or need anything. But you should ask this question only like a normal routine. Don’t repeat it because it shows you are becoming over possessive. So, don’t be over concerned about her because she can think about herself in a better way.
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5)    Before going on the date you need to think about your look. If you want to look gracefully then choose decent clothes & for a stylish guy look you can trendy clothes. Always pick up right dress that suit you best & the right hairstyle. Think about a little makeover. Make your skin tone even. Don’t smell bad. Keep your body & mouth odor free.
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6)    You need to handle the bill gracefully on your date. It is better that man should pay the bill himself even if she offers payment of bill but you need to refuse her offer immediately & pay the bill of restaurant or any other food item on your own behalf.
6 handle bill

7)    Guys should reach on time on their 1st Date. On time means only on time don’t go 1 hour before or half hour before & similarly don’t be late. If by chance traffic problem occurs then think about another path that will take you on your destination as soon as possible.
7 time regulations

8)    Try to praise her dressing, hairstyle & overall look because her effort of good dressing & hairstyling is only for you so it’s your duty to praise her & by saying “you are looking nice”. But don’t over-praise her because it will look too odd.
8 praise her

9)    Try to tell her a little about yourself, your habits (only good habits & hobbies), your future plans (if any) & talk friendly with her. All this also helps you a lot to make some discussions with her instead of sitting silently. You can also share some stupid encounters that you have experienced into life with her because it can add fun into your date plus you can cheer-up the girl.
9 plan your date

10)    Don’t forget to take a flower bouquet for her.
10 10 Things Guys Should Do On A First Date

Hopefully, these tips will be very beneficial for your 1st date.