Ten Food Items that Stop Ballooned Belly:

It is fact that ballooned belly looks very awkward & causes lots of physical discomfort. It causes problems during sitting & walking. If we observe bloating from the scientific point of view then the accumulation of gas during digestive process in the intestine usually causes bloating. It is fact that there are some Food items that create bloating problem while there are still some food items that helps in order to control or prevent this problem. So, today, I am going to discuss those food items which control bloating. Let’s start!

Rosemary to Control Bloating:

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Rosemary is the name of an ever green herb. If it include into your food then it helps in order to break the indigestible food items. So, don’t forget to add it into your food for stopping gas & belly bloating.

Lemon in Lukewarm Water:


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Add some drops of lemon juice to lukewarm water because this drink will helps in reducing the fat belly. Lemon contains on digestive enzymes that helps is digestion. Mostly, people think that when their belly is looking like balloon then they should avoid drinking water but it is a false thought because water usually helps in digestion of food plus it reduces bloating.

Yogurt Benefits:


Yogurt is considered a probiotics that helps in regulate digestion system & consequently stops bloating. So, you must add yogurt into your daily diet plan.


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Watermelon is usually a summer food items. It contains 90 percent on water. It is simple to understand that water stops bloating by making our digestive system flexible. Watermelon also done exact thing.

Banana for Stopping Bloating Belly:

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Banana is a delicious & soft food item that is used for making shakes & deserts. It is usually rich in potassium that reduce salt-induced bloating belly problem.

Lentils for preventing Fat Belly:

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Lentil is a type of bean. Some beans leads towards bloating belly problem but lentil beans always helps to get rid from bloating problem. These beans usually conations on high fibers that’s why these are helpful in aiding digestion process.

Green Herb Celery:

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Celery the world’s healthiest food item found into the main stem of an herbaceous plant that actually helps in the reduction of fluid retention (when the body cannot extract the excess water).  It is used as a food item that improve digestive system & exclude gas from intestinal. As a result you belly bloating problem reduce.

Cucumber Health Benefits:

Cucumber and slices isolated over white background

Cucumber, do you hear cucumber mostly used for reducing the puffiness around or under eyes. Yes  exactly what I am try to told you that cucumber also used to reduce or stop bloating. It contains on quercetin (a yellow crystalline pigment that reduce boost immunity) that reduce puffiness.

Fennel Seeds Compensation for Bloating Belly:

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Fennel seeds are helpful in digestive tract savior. It relaxes GI spasms & allows gas to pass & thus relieve belly blotting.

Papaya for Bloating Belly:

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Papaya contain on such enzyme that helps in breaking down the proteins in your GI system, as a result it makes your digestion process easier & relieve from bloating belly. It helps in digestion of proteins based food items.

Avoid eating of Kale, broccoli, and cabbage because these contain on such substances that never digest easily & cause bloating.