How to Feel Relaxation from Headache & Migraines?

In this 21st Century almost every person is under stress due to many problems such as some people are stressed due to lack of money, some are stressed due to disputes between families, some are stressed due to office work burden & in short words there are thousands of reasons for stress, tension & anxiety. Now the most important question is how to reduce stress because it leads towards headache & Migraines.

Mostly, it is observed that, the people who have the problem of frequent headache, they are using different medicines &drugs. It is not a right way because these medicines can make you feel sick. So, I think you should go with natural remedies & solution. Don’t worry, today, I am going to tell you the top 5 best & effective ways that will surely & positively help you to get rid from the severe headache & Migraines.

1)    First & most traditionally used way of reducing headache is the head message. Yes the head massage can make you feel better. If you are a patient of frequent headache then I suggest you daily massage which means you feel quite better, there will be less frequent headache & you will sleep better. You can massage near temples or neck, back, front & top part of head as well as shoulder massage.

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2)    Sometime you feel headache due to some specific tension. In this case you need to divert your attention towards a task that will help you to forget the tension. Consequently your headache also releases. I think you should listen to music because almost everyone likes music. The choice is yours whether you want to listen pop music or classical.

Attractive young woman lying on sofa and listening music

3)    If you want to reduce headache permanently then it is said by the experts that you need to eat almost 6 to 8 almonds daily. Almond actually on natural substances that helps in order to strengthen you head muscles. It is a natural remedy; there is no side effect of this remedy because it is healthier alternative for reducing headache.

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4)    You can massage your head with peppermint oil. It will make you feel quite soothing & comfortable.

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5)    When you feel headache then you can try some exercise at home or even iin office. These are really very easy exercises.

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Neck Range of Motion:

First is neck range of motion in which you need to move your chin forward, upward, and towards each shoulder as shown into the picture.

Shrug Up:

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Shrug up is another exercise of reducing headache which occurs due to muscles. You need to move your shoulders up and forward & then up and back.

Neck Isometrics:

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Neck Isometrics is an exercise in which use of hand is essential for strengthen the muscles. Look towards the picture & know how you can do it.

Deep Breathing:

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It is another very simple & easiest exercise. Take deep breaths from 5 to 8 minutes continuously.

You can also drink plenty of water because sometimes headache occurs due to dehydration. I am sure that these tips will help you a lot. Let me know with your feedback.