Shaving Mistakes that Men Shoulder Never Make Again:

Men usually shave at home while some like to go in salons. So, whether you shave at home or go into salon you need to keep in mind that your face is very sensitive so be careful when you are shaving. Usually men make lot of mistakes during shaving. Today, I am going to highlight some most common mistakes that they make so that you can understand what errors you are making now & how you can avoid these errors. Let’s start!

1)    Some people like Dry shaving but dear it is not a good habit because dry shaving is more painful. So, before shaving try to moisturize your skin either with a lather cream or with water.

0 5 Shaving Mistakes You Should Never Make

2)    Some people think that splashing some water on face is enough for making skin soft before shaving but once again it is a mistake that you should never make. Try to wash your face with water at least three minutes so that your skin can become soft, you can clean it properly clean & water helps in hydrating the skin for shaving process. Don’t forget to prepare the neck also. Don’t avoid the hair near ear & nose.
5 Shaving Mistakes You Should Never Make (1)

3)    Some people think that moisturizing the skin before shaving is enough & they never moisturize after shaving, so dear you are also making a mistake. You must moisturize after shaving. Make it your habit.

Man applying after shave

4)    Before shaving you need to know the hair grain. For this purpose gently rub the area of face where hair grow. You feel two different textures one is smoothest direction & other is rough. The smoothest direction is the hair’s grain. Usually men use razor against the grain but it is not a right way. So whenever you shave then try to use razor or pass razor with the grain, now re-lather & then shave across the grain for getting smooth skin.
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5)    Men usually put much force on the razor that is a mistake. Keep your razor strokes very gentle & light without any kind of hard pressure.
5 Shaving Mistakes You Should Never Make (4)
Hopefully, after reading these points now you will never make these mistakes again & again. Do you agree?