Smokey Eye Makeup Top Five Pictures:

Eyes are very important for a human being. With eyes we can see the nature, we can observe the beautiful creatures that found on this world, we can feel the emotions of other by looking towards them and with our eyes we can perform lots of tasks as well as only with eyes we connect with someone. In short words, eyes are great rewards for us from God. Thank you for such a great blessing.

When it comes to attend a party or a wedding function, then women usually becomes conscious about their beauty. They want to add a style into their personality. For this purpose, they choose best attire, perfect pair of footwear, statement pieces of jewelry, a flawless hairstyle & makeover. No doubt that makeover is one of the most important tasks among these all. In makeover mostly the face base, eye makeup & impeccable application of lipstick are most important. When it comes to eyes make up then I think the Smokey eyes are perfect for attending evening parties.

Smokey eyes makeup can go best with almost every skin tone. You can do Smokey eye makeup not only with black & grey eye shadows but also by using silver, green, blue, pink & lots of other shades. The selection of shade actually depends on the color scheme of your party dress. Mostly a black Smokey eye makeup is known as traditional makeup while the colorful Smokey eyes make up are its modern versions.

Today, I am going to share the top five Smokey eye makeup pictures & tutorials with you. Some are with step by step procedure. So have a deep look, try at home & get glamorous look.

Black Smoky Eye Makeup:

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Golden Smokey Eye Makeup:

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Silver Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial:

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Green Smokey Eyes:

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Teal Blue Smokey Eye Makeup:

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