Ideas to get rid constipation

Constipation is very common and dangerous disease which can be effected the health of any age person because with constipation we feel many other diseases like abdomen, mouth alcer, headache, skin problem and loss of depression etc are other problem which causes because of the constipation .It is very common digestive order system and it is faced by every third person in the strength of 10 because some foods are made just thing which can be digest easily then it become the cause of   constipation .The patient of constipation becomes physical weak ,fully depresses , lost their hunger and testiness comes in their health .People who are worried about their constipation and want to get rid so they should try these things which present in the home because the medicines and pills are not good for your health .I means home remedies are really very useful for the treatment of constipation.

Domestic remedies:

Constipation is such a disease which can be harmful but some people take it easy they keep their disease secret because They think it is our insult and some people have so much constipation that they forget what they were did in toilet except urine. her are many easy way to get rid of constipation which are in our homes.

Fig for constipation:

1. treating constipation at home

If you have severe constipation and you have no need to go for a doctor rather you should use fig in your daily meal fig has very much useful for your constipation If you don’t like fresh fig then you can eat dry fig daily without its seeds means the seeds of the fig winkle and then eat daily 3 to 4 fig can useful to stop your constipation and you can eat fig halwa, mithai etc can be eaten.

Carom seed for constipation:

2. treating constipation at home

Carom seed which is known as the name of ajwain it is mostly used in many food items it is best for    digestion system who have some digestive problem they can eat carom seed because it has no side effects .The person who have much constipation they can eat carom seed daily after eating meal but it can be eaten in morning when your stomach is empty.

Raw guava and banana for constipation:

3. treating constipation at home

Fruits are the best thing for your health there are found many vitamin and calcium and iron from fruits in short the thing which is full of all benefits which are necessary for our body is in fruits so for the treatment of constipation eat bananas and guava .Raw guava is very good in severe constipation and it is a fact that eat 3 bananas and get rid of constipation .You can make chart of bananas and guava it can help you.

Fennel seed for constipation:

4. treating constipation at home

Fennel seeds are very good thing for your digestive system if you have some stomach problem then you can eat fennel and in the constipation after eating meal and eat fennel daily it help you in the digestive system .So eat fennel and get rid of constipation.

Juices for constipation:

5. treating constipation at home

In constipation when all potty system is spoil people become petulance and lost their appetite and feeling vomit all time then don’t want to eat anything because the pain is severe in their abdomen so you can use juices to get rid of constipation. Because it can help you to fill your bowl citric juices are very beneficial as just like apple and lemon juice .You can drink lemon juice with warm water but another juice is cranberry juice which is very sweet and tasty is help for your constipation.

Grapes and raisins for constipation :

6. treating constipation at home

Grapes are very valuable in the constipation period because it help us tofill the bowland become the causeoffeces and discharge all waste material .Use grapes and raisins daily because grapes has its own season but raisins are available In every season you should eat 7 raisins daily it can help you to improve your condition of constipation. Grapes juice is also helpful and can use.

Dates for constipation :

7. treating constipation at home

8. treating constipation at home

Dates are very useful it is sais that the use of dates can save you all disease daily one date can help you to improve your digestive system .In the period of constipation at the morning one glass milk fully boiled brown color milk with 2 dates is best to break your constipation it will fill your bowl and when you have constipation don’t much stressed your bowl because it can cause the bleeding .With dates you can use milk with castor oil.

Yogurt and psyllium for constipation:

9. treating constipation at home

It is very old prescription that if you have severe constipation then you can eat yogurt and psyllium which is known as isabgol .Daily use yogurt and psyllium at any time .1 tab spoon psyllium and one bowl yogurt if you want to add sugar then it is up to you. You can drink isabgol   with Luke warm water it is best thing which can help you to cure against constipation.

Pointed to be noted:

These home remedies are best for your constipation but if you have severe constipation and never relief from these things then you should go for a doctor and consult him because when it adopt a severe condition can be a big disease may be it can’t be curable.