Beautiful & Fair Skin a Dream of Every Woman:

Women & Girls usually spends lots of time on themselves; the only purpose is to make their personality beautiful & attractive. In this regard, we can never deny the fact that fair skin has a great role in the beauty of a woman. So, the women who have dark skin tone are mostly in search of some such amazing & useful tips that can reduce their dark skin tone & makes their skin fair. In short beautiful & fair skin is a dream, of every girl & women.

Reasons of Dark Skin Tone:

Mostly the women who have dark skin tone, I think there are some reason behind this problem.
•    First reason it may be due to inheritance means if the parents are dark skin complexion then children have also.
•    Secondly due to not proper care of skin it can become dark.
•    Third it is due to insufficient diet.
•    Fourth in summer season the ultraviolet rays comes from the sun can play a vital role in order to darken your skin tone.
•    The women who usually work at some dusty & sandy place also suffer from dark skin tone.

Are you Need Some Effective Homemade Tips to get rid from Dark Skin?
My dear ladies, if you’re searching for effective & useful tips on how you can get rid from your dark skin tone then now your search is ends here because on this page you can find that you actually want.

Beneficial Homemade Face Masks for Dark Complexion:

I am going to share some homemade masks ideas with you. Homemade masks means those face masks that are usually prepared by using basic ingredients easily available at home. Our main purpose is to provide an accurate guidance, so read the following comprehensively written face masks &6 then try at home. Surely these will provide positive results.

1)    Almond Face Mask for Lighten the Dark Skin Tone:

Ingredients that are required for making this face masks are:
•    6 to 7 Almonds
•    Milk

Now the procedure that you should follow for making a face mask is:
•    First of all soak all the almonds in the milk. (Along with rind or outer layer)
•    The time duration is almost 2 to 3 hours.
•    Now make a paste of these soaked almonds.
•    For the purpose of making paste you can use a blending machine.
•    Use milk when make paste instead of water.
•    Face mask is ready now. Apply this face mask on your skin at night like a cream but not rub a lot of times.
•    Rinse off in the morning.
•    Use cold water for washing face (not hot).

This not only lightens you dark tone but makes your skin smooth, silky & glowing. Use this face masks twice in a week especially the women who have oily skin because almonds contain a lot of oil while the girls who have dry can use this face mask daily.

2)    Turmeric & Gram Flour  Face Mask Tip:

Second tip for making a very useful face mask for dark skin complexion women & girls is:
Things that you needed are:
•    Turmeric power (2 tea spoons)
•    Gram Flour (two table spoons)
•    Rose Water (for making Paste)
•    Lime Juice (for making paste)

The method of making face mask is:
•    First of all, mix turmeric & gram flour with each other.
•    Now use the lime juice & rose water in equal quantities for making a paste.
•    Mix all the ingredients very well.
•    Face mask is ready.
•    Apply on your face.
•    Time duration is half an hour (when mask dry).
•    Now wash it with lukewarm water in winter season while with normal water in summer season.

Gram flour is basically acts as a very effective cleanser while rose water makes your skin smooth it is also a good toner. Lime juice is basically contained on such elements that help in order to reduce spots & tans. Lastly the turmeric is very ancient item that is used for making skin fair or in order words it play a vital role in order to make your dark skin tone a fair one.

3)    Honey Face Mask  for Fair Skin:

The third face mask is Honey face mask. Honey is one of the very important ingredients that are used for fair skin. This time you can use honey by mixing it with lime juice. Apply this face mask on your face for about 20 to 25 min & wash with cold water. You will feel the difference.

Strongly hope that these face masks works well. Tell me your opinion after applying it on your face does these works or not? But must keep in mind that only one time application is not enough but use these face masks for about one to two months then you will surely get positive results.

1 almond milk face mask

2 tips for dark skin tone by using  gram flour, turmaric, lime juice, & rose water

3 honey lime juice face mask