Which Eye Shades will Suits me best if I have Hazel Eyes?

Do you have hazel eyes? Oho you never know what hazel eyes are? So, first let me define what are hazel eyes? Hazel is actually a color that is a color that shifts from brown to green or green to brown. It is really a very amazing eye color. I love it. A person especially a girl who has hazel eyes, I am sure she will look really very unique & stunning. I have brown eyes but I love hazel eyes. In hazel sometime dominant color can be green or sometime dominant color can be brown. Sometimes hazel eyes are blend of green, brown & golden colors. Whether you want to go on an evening prom party or at a wedding function, at a birthday function or at an anniversary party, New Year party or Christmas party then in each case you need to do make up. In makeup we know that eye make up is really very important. So, now the question that is very important for the girls is what shades of makeup they should apply on their eyes when they have hazel eyes? Here are some tips to choose best eye shadows for your eyes!

•    For hazel eyes most commonly used eye shadows are golden, green, brown & purple. But you can also experiment with some colors.

1 brown makeup for hazel eyes


•    The shades of brown color can be best suited on hazel eyes. Brown can boost the richness of hazel eyes. But keep in mind that for day time you need to use milk brown color or neutral brown shades while at night or evening functions you can choose shimmer or deep brown colors eye shades. With brown eye shades you can use dark brownish color liner & mascara for adding some drama into your eyes. Furthermore, if you are wearing white dress or black or blue, in each case the brown eye shadow is best option.

1 golden eye makeup idea (1)

•    Golden eye shades also works well on hazel eyes & add some warmth or flirt into the eyes. As you can view into the above picture especially if you have golden tint in your eyes then this color can help you to give most beautiful look to your eyes with pinkish or red lipstick. Golden eye makeup with red lipstick is a best for black dress. Golden eye makeup with pink lipstick can also best with black, beige, brown, white & golden dress.

2 green make idea for hazel eyes (1)

•    For those eyes that have dominant green color I think you should try green eye shadows. Try to use golden shimmer green eye shadow instead of matte green. If you never find a right green color then it is appropriate that you should try to create right green shade by mixing it with golden or brown or silver colors. When there is a mixing situation then it’s better to try it one or two day before the party or wedding so that you can get the right mixing information. When you are using different layers of shadows then well-blending is the key to success. If you never blend well then you can never get the color & flawless look.  Try to use black color liner or mascara for adding an appeal into your eyes. When you decided to wear an emerald green dress or a dress that have green embellishment then this eye makeup will work best.

4 purple eyesmakeup for hazel eyes (1)

•    Purple color can add a magical beauty into your hazel eyes as you can view into above picture. Purple tone works well on evening events. For getting bold eyes or charisma, you need to with plum eye shades.


5 mixing different eye sjades (1)
•    Dusty pink, Smokey eyes or a mixture of golden green, golden black, etc can also well on your hazel eyes as you can view into the above picture.
•    The shades that you need to avoid are blues because blue looks odd when you have naturally greenish or brownish lens in your eyes. Hopefully, these tips can help you a lot in order to apply right colors of shades on your eyes. Best of luck!