0. Homemade Face Mask for Pores Reduction

The little pores in or body specially on the face is called pores   when they    become open  then acne and the  pimples  becomes cause so due to this  reason  we should use such things  which can overcome on the  open  pores. Pores are the part of our body we can’t do it  eliminate from our body  because without it our skin look rough  but we can minimize it from these  remedies which are very easy an homemade  sometime we see  that  our pores  become  open due to the dirt and sebum  and mostly it is on the  oily skins because when the oil  covers their whole face and too much sweating then start the pores  open which become the cause of acne and pimple  some time too much blackheads  and the  skin becomes  loose  then people go out  for the skin specialist and they  recommend different medicines and other treatment sometime it becomes the cause of   side effect  on our stomach and  when stomach is damaged our whole  system is  damaged so you should use the  these things which are natural   if they have no effect then you will be also save from the side effect of it  so stay with  us and see which things are  good for  finishing your open  pores.


1. Homemade Face Mask for Pores Reduction

Egg is a natural diet which  is full of nutrients and  it is  useful for the all ages  people whether   they are old or young in the  food chart which  is made by the  diet planner they said that  one egg daily is compulsory for everyone when   we see  that  egg is so compulsory  for our body then  how it is good for our  skin so take one egg and   separate the  egg white in a bowl and  beat it well and lemon which is the  natural  bleach   you can use it in the egg  so  squeeze the lemon in the egg white and make it good paste and apply it on your skin  it look like a mask when it becomes  dry  then wash your face  with good face wash.


2. Homemade Face Mask for Pores Reduction

In the  vegetables all have different  benefits  for our  body  so if you are feeling  your pores are enlarged  then you can use the tomato which can finish your all oil  from the skin and gives you a  glowing skin  take a tomato  and grind it in the blender  then  pour it in the  bowl and apply this paste on your face and  massage  it   in circular motion  especially on the nose  forehead and the  chin because due to the dirt and germs too  much grease is  layered on your skin  so when you come back at home then use the tomato paste  it is easy and  inexpensive   way to finish all the clog pores.

Cleansing milk:

3. Homemade Face Mask for Pores Reduction

When you are going to bed for sleeping   then don’t go  with make up because  it  become the cause of acne and pimple which foundation and base  you have used on your face   will  increase your pores  then  cleansing your face daily  with a good cleansing lotion  cleansing milk is also good but you should  avoid to use the    artificial things because  natural things are good  for the cleansing and reduce your pores then you can use the  cream of  unboiled milk and apply it on your face  and massage it .

Baking soda:

4. Homemade Face Mask for Pores Reduction

Baking  soda is mostly used in the bakery products and the   cleaning the steel things etc but it is good for the skin  because it  reduce the open pores and gives you a fresh  and  glowing skin  take some baking soda in the bowl  and  add some  Luke warm water in the  baking soda  and apply this paste on  your face  and when it  become dry wash your face  with  Luke warm water you can take the steam  of Luke warm water   because when you take steam then your all pores becomes  reduce  and finish your all  blackheads.

Honey and gram flour:

5.  Homemade Face Mask for Pores Reduction

For the all diseases honey is good medicine it is good in taste  you can eat and  use it for glowing skin  then take little quantity of honey   and add  some  gram flour in it  because honey is good mask for your skin in the mostly scrubs and mask  you see the  honey  is  must add but when you are applying the  honey then be careful because honey is sticky it  can be  stick on your acne  and pimples effected face  you can  use only gram flour  and if the blackheads are on your face then take old brush and  clean your nose  you will see your pores are  reduce and you will find glowing and  unclog skin.