Best Colors of Clothes for Red Hair Ladies:

I know red is a color of passion, love & warmness. It is a color that can ultimately increase your heart beat. It is also the color of danger & blood. Don’t take it serious dear ladies because here I am not taking this color as a dangerous one but here I am taking it as a bold & daring color in the fashion history. Whether you wear a red pair of footwear, red dress or red lipstick, in all cases red can add an instant boldness & valor look into your personality. What about red hair color?

I know there are only 2 or 4 percent people out of 100 percent who have naturally red hairs. So, now days, mostly girls & boys are trying to dye their hair with red tone because red hair color is in fashion. So, whether you have naturally redheads or you dye your hairs, in both cases the question that may be circulating into your mind is what colors of dresses you can wear when you have red hairs on your head? Mostly, girls & ladies are more conscious about their look. So, here I would like to tell you what colors of clothes you should add into your wardrobe for formal wear as well as for casual wear with your red tresses. Let’s check out the ideas!

Blue Color Outfits for Red Hair Ladies:

1 blue color for red hair girls

Blue looks nice with red tresses. You can try navy blue, royal blue as well as sapphire blue shades. Into the above pictures you can see the gorgeous Ladies in red hair & blue color dresses. The bright blue is best with red hairs.

Shades of Green with Red Hairs:

2 green color is just perfect for red hair ladies

Different shades of green from emerald green to teal, I think these all hues of green can go best with redheads. For casual wear you need to choose less embellished dresses while for formal or evening wear a little bit fancy green gowns with redheads can give you an attractive royal lady look. If you decided to wear a casual green tube dress then you can pair black leather boots & handbag with this dress. If you choose a green gown for formal event then wear emerald stone jewelry & become a style icon in this social gathering! Green is best for night wear.

White Color Dresses for Redheads Girls:

3 red hair women in white color dresses

White is a neutral tone. I think for day time wear, you should choose white color. Red hair on head & white dress on body, of course can add a polite & soft touch into your personality. As I said white is a neutral tone so you can also wear at evening time but mostly it preferable for day time wear. White with red hairs can add a dramatic & Majestic touch into your personality.

Purple Color Clothes Ideas with Red Hairs:

4 shades of purple for red hair ladies

In my childhood, when I was attending my painting /drawing class then my art teacher always told me about different color combinations & I remembered very well that among these all color combinations “I only loved the red & purple combo”. I still love it & believe me this combo looks very sizzling & can add a playful touch into your bore personality I know now you are getting my point.  Yes, you can wear different tones of purple with red hairs as shown into the above picture.

Red Dress with Red Hairs:

5 what colour clothes suit red hair women

Add a full drama into your personality by wearing red dress with red hairs! Red with red makes you look more bold & daring. It articulates a confident lady who is crazy about fashion & made about passionate colors. Mostly people think that red with red never works well but dear we have seen lots of Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet events in head to toe red looks & they have also receive lots of appreciation from the styling experts. So, why don’t you try this look?

Neutral & Pastel Tone Dresses for Red Hair Women:

6 pastel & neutral color of dresses that can suits best on red hair ladies
Into the above points I only talk about the bright shades with red hairs but there are still some light/pastel shades that can also go best with red hairs such as mint green or pastel yellow etc. Similarly some neutral color dresses such as beige color dress or dusty pink can also go best with red hairs. So, if you never like dark or bright color then you can try these lighter shades of outfit with your red tresses.

Hopefully, after reading these all points now you may be able to choose best color of clothes with your red hairs.